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Sunday, December 21, 2008


I am officially on vacation!! Enjoying the much needed time with family and friends. If you are a Baby Planner and it is time to schedule your next appt., please shoot me an email or call. Any new clients are welcome to do the same! Just please know that I will not be returning phone calls or emails as prompt:) Have a terrific holiday! Money is tight for everyone and I know many families that have had a tough year (or 2) - just enjoy the time off. That is what I am doing:) Looking foward to 2009!!! karen

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Wave of 3/4 "Monthers"...

All my newborns are headed back towards me to show off their filled in faces and heads of hair. I met with the handsome and adorable, Andrew, today. The weather has been so hard to judge lately- we actually ended up outside almost the whole time! Crazy! Anyways, Andrew was holding back back on the smiles (sound familiar any previous 3 mo mommies??) and got very sleepy on us, but I really think we got some darling shots- here are a few-
And the big boy pose that makes him look big and tiny all at the same time:)
off to lay on the couch- I have been nonstop ALL day!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Darling Nickolas...

My awesome friend, Danielle, brought over 5 mo old, Nickolas, for a visit and a fun photoshoot. We had a blast! N is such a good baby and has such a sweet disposition. We got some really great shots. Here are a few-
Nickolas Photobucket


Love this shot i stumbled on at 1:30 in the morning! I hope mom does too:)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Coming Soon...

2009 Information!

Friday, December 12, 2008

I See the Light...

at the end of the tunnel! Orders are still trickling in, I still have sessions to edit (thankfully, not for holiday cards!) and NO christmas presents have been bought! But, it is all coming together. I am sitting here blogging while my sweet babies are cuddling in the bed, watching a movie behind me. I want to thank everybody once again for their patience. I spent 6 LONG weeks without my husband, from Oct to about a week after Thanksgiving. He was gone doing some extra work. I was juggling the household, kids, bills and my wonderfully BUSY business in it crazy season! (Oh, and add getting sick twice) I survived! (with only one true breakdown) So, I am ready for a new year and a fresh start- how about you? I want to thank not only my awesome clients, who offered many words of support, but my 2 awesome babysitters and 3 awesome teachers that forgave me for being late, dirty children, forgetting lunch and snack and not reviewing site words! And onto my friends, who listened to me complain and encouraged me to truck on:)
So, there is the reason that I am just now posting these fab family's peeks-----
First off, our friend's adorable 3 mo old, Wyatt. What a beautiful baby!
Next, one sweet, fam shot of Rebecca and Grace's amazing family. To tell the truth, I was going to post one of each girls and I think I picked 2 of Grace- gotta email mom!! So, stay tuned for those.
Howard Fam
And, now, my new and final Baby Planner for 2008! Meet Andrew and his sis, Alyssa. I foresee many awesome shoots in this beautiful babe's future.
Off to take care of the kiddos- they are getting restless- never fall asleep during a movie:( Happy Holiday Preparation Time!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I Could Not Help it...

I had to stay up late and get some photos ready to post. I am having "Blogging withdrawals." No, really, I miss it and I actually talk out blog posts in my head throughout the day. Another one of those weird quirks I have that go along with staring at people and photoshoping their skin and under-eye circles:) Anyways, I have been working away. Yes, I STILL have galleries to get out! Those needed for Xmas stuff will be done THIS week. Also, an announcement:
IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED YOUR GALLERY- PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR ORDER TO ME BY FRIDAY**** Yes, by friday. Please!!!! With that said, please be ready to mail a check or (only for the holiday rush) Paypal to picturelily@gmail.com
My kids have been so funny lately. I have really been enjoying them. Lily is a grown up one minute and then a temper tantrum 2 yr old the next. You never know who you will get! She is just itching to learn more and more each day. I keep finding little notes around the house that she has sounded out words and written them. Here is something that I treasure. She gave it to me today. Lily has never said "Photography" She always says, "Uh-tography" It is so cute- I have never corrected her. (IS that bad??)

Isn't it sweet? She tried to show it to me and I brushed her off bc I was SOO busy and I found it later. I got a 2 minute hug:) And Morgan, well, the boy is HILARIOUS! I will have to start writing things down bc I cannot remember them all. We wonder why I cannot get things done when they are home?? It is bc he is bored and decides to pour water all over my bathroom floor and mop. Or climb cabinets and attempt (attempt is the word here, people) to get medicine. He loves to sing and say random numbers and letters, pretending he is reading them. I have noticed more letters come into play, lately. I am trying to rework my business a little so I am not working on the computer the WHOLE time I am home with them! Photogs- any suggestions??? Anyways, I am blessed beyond belief and hope that the blessings keep on coming.
Enough rambling- I am finally posting some pics! This is sweet, darling McKenna, one of my 6 monthers. Such a doll!
PS- there is this thing that us photographers are supossed to do- it is called "sharpening for the web" um, ya, have not done that. Turning over a new leaf. You will notice the sharpness. More so that will be seen on prints, but it makes them "pop." Onto, a really cool fam with a really cool home that Gramdma lives in. Thanks for letting us use it! Amazing shoot! Mom is going to love them. Ok, it is 1:30. I am done rambling. I hope to have more peeks tomorrow night:)
multilple kids