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Friday, May 30, 2008

Quick Share...

Really Quick, I want to share a birth announcement that I just did for someone. I have done some really cute stuff, but I wanted to use this as an example of the digital papers I use. Mom and I just LOVE this card! It will be printed on nice cardstock with a soft, linen finish. Come July, I will be designing these for our PictureLily Holiday Cards- AUGHHH!!! JK, they are so awesome, you will be proud to send them out. Presenting, Luke Anthony-

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lots of Pictures...

I am not so sure about this summer thing! Lily out of school= bored= temper tantrums! What am I going to do??? Why don't I paint a sweeter pic of her for you by telling you how CUTE she was at her recital! I was so proud:) Here are a few pics-
And is there anything more funny than a 2 yr old boy(when they are behaving!)? My Morgan was cracking us up this morning. First, he woke up his sister by jumping on her naked! Then he "pottied" (#2) on the floor and stood over it pointed and saying, "EW!!" Yes, do not worry, I got it clean. Then, he dressed himself in Lily's clothes-
Excuse the pop up flash photography and red eye! Kids are a riot.
Here are 2 shots of my BFF, Kelley's girls from TN this past week-
Blue eyes- so pretty!
Off to PictureLily business:
I had 3, yes 3, sessions on Tues. First off, little Hayes 9 mo session. Hayes is the youngest of 3 and just a doll. Little guy did not want to smile, but I prevailed! Check him out-
Then, I drove out to see 3 yr old, Hannah and her new bro, Shaun (I am not sure of his spelling) We had a fun time posing the little guy and watching him sleep. A little difficult to get a pic of the 2 together (like usual!) but I LOVE what we got!
Aren't they adorable??
Next, I headed out to see another Baby Planner, Cami. This sweet baby just blew me away! She is so stinkin cute. Her big eyes and red hair:) And, it was Mommy and Daddy's anniversary! Congrats guys!

I just love these shots of her:)
Off to work. I have storyboards and birth announcements to design and galleries to put together.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Little Carson...

I met with one of my Baby Planners for his 9 mo session on Friday. Carson brought along his cousin, Logan. We got a few shots of the 2 together and then did some of Carson showing off what a big boy he is!! I cannot believe I starting photographing him while he was in mommy's belly and he is pulling up now! :(
Here is a little peek for mommy, daddy, cousins and Grandma!!
Gotta love the wheelbarrow- Mom's idea! Of course, I was up for it. Carson thought he was hot stuff in there!
And now one of cousin, Logan- who was not exactly in the mood for a photoshoot, but I think this shot is really cute! I love the way his tongue is sticking out a little.
Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday. I am going to get some work done and this house clean!

Awesome Week...

I had a blast in TN! My BFF, Kelley and her hubby, Matt have done a fantastic job on their restaurant, Midtown Station. I am very ashamed to say, I have not pics of the joint:( We were busy tasting wine and beer with the Rep, sweeping, moping, moving tables and (hehe) tasting more wine with the staff! I tasted close to 25 wines while I was there and close to 10 beers. Really neat stuff. Ok, back to business---
Bf i left (literally) I met with Peyton and his mommy for a fun session at Grant Park. As you know, I love shooting there bc it is so lush. Peyton was a very well behaved little man and very smart. His mom emailed me and told me that he keeps saying he wants to go to the park with the lady (that's me!) He called me lady the whole time- sooo cute! Here is the handsome little man

Aren't those so cute?
I do have pics of kelley and matt's beautiful babes, but there are not quite ready, so stay tuned!
Fast forwarding back to little Jackson (1 yr old) I promised mom a peek of a fam shot bc they were so cute. Here we go-
What a beautiful family:)
Lily had her first dance recital yesterday! I will post pics soon. She and her cutie pie friends did a tap dance the Good Ship Lollipop. She did so good!!
And to reiterate, just in case anybody missed- I am NOT excepting new clients at this time. I know, it makes me sad too!!! I will let you know when we are back on. Thanks for your understanding:)
Back to work bf we have our Memorial Day company-

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Got to Pack...

I am off to TN with no kids tomorrow!! I heading to my best friend, Kelley's house to help them get ready to open their restaurant in Cookeville. Today, I had the pleasure of meeting the sweet, 3 mo old, Nora. We will be watching her grow on the Baby Plan! Yea! Check out this doll and her awesome parents. I LOVE the fam pic- i knew it as soon as it happened, that it would be a fave:) I am actually focused on Nora and mom and dad are in the background.

Alright, I promise I am packing now. If anyone needs me- just drop me an email:)

Let's All Peek Together, Shall We?

Yes, I have been holding out! I waited to post these all together and I hope all mommies and daddies LOVE them:)
First off, a family with 2 under 2! Little Reagan is a big sister! Baby Brody was about 3 wks old when we did his first photo shoot. Reagan gave me and mom a run for our money- but, hey- isn't that what you are supposed to do when you are around 2 yrs old?? I think it is in the Official Toddler Handbook- when they want your picture- RUN! And NO eye contact! She was precious, just like her bro.
Next was 1 yr old Jackson. I did Jackson's 6 mo pics and was Delighted to see him again! Mom brought a cake and we tried to get him to like it- not so much! Just like he did not like it all over his foot when he stuck it in:) We got some adorable shots!

Yesterday, I headed out to see Averi and her 1 month old bro, Barrett. What adorable siblings. Averi was such a little mommy! She LOVES her brother:) This first shot of the 2 of them would be FANTASTIC as a long rectangle canvas!!! 10x20 or bigger:) LOVE IT!
As most of you know, I am sooo busy! All of my awesome clients having been talking and their friends are calling. Bc I have Baby Planners and clients that have been with me for years, I want to assure that they get in with me. For that reason, I am currently not taking any new clients until further notice. This is a HUGE deal to me bc I keep getting these emails from amazing familes and it truely pains me to say no! I literally teared up writing back to a lady who is moving in a couple weeks and I had to tell her I could not get her in. My clients are very important to me and I need to take care of them! Thanks so much for your understanding. BUT_ PLEASE DO NOT GO AWAY!!! Keep visiting the Blog and keeping up with crazy PictureLily!!! Karen:)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fun Day...

While driving out to Loganville today, I was getting nervous. It was very overcast and looking a little gloomy. I am glad I kept on truckin' to meet 6 day old, Hailey bc the sun started shining! It sent that beautful glow through their windows:) We have some fabulous pics of her and her sis while she was still in the belly. It was time for her first real photo shoot! What a sweet baby. She behaved like a dream! Take a look-
Baby Hailey has the whole fam enthralled! Every noise she lets out or face she makes is noticed and loved! it was so sweet to share their joy today.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Hello- I hope everyone had a great weekend. I got what I wanted for Mother's Day- to rest all day and be by myself- oh yes, and along with that came hanging over the toilet, etc.. Not to mention, the rest of the fam and our friends caught it. Miserable! I am trying to catch up on work since I had to postpone 3 sessions. Please be patient with me. I literally work everyday- holiday or not. So, having a full saturday of sessions and missing 2 days sick can put me behind. On a lighter note, 2 peeks from Saturday!

Sweet, 6 mo Lily! She is such a happy baby. Probably bc she knows I love her name.
Next is 6 mo old, Andrew. This little guy has got some awesome brown eyes! What a dollbaby:)

Thank you to all the new clients requesting appointments! I am having to be a little more strict with my schedule with school being out, so please expect me to be booked longer than normal. Without all of you AWESOME clients, I would be bored!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Cool Little Eli...

Is a cool 9 mo! I had so much fun today watching him be a stinker and try to not smile- hehe- nice try, did not work! Check him out-

Our little rocker man!!

And that sweet baby face:)
Now, a little catch up to do. I am so sorry to my friends that have not seen these yet. First, is a friend of the fam's daughter. Joe has served our family many a drinks over the years and made many wedding receptions quite a blast for us!! He and his beautiful family are moving and he will be missed (especially by his mom!) It was only fitting to do our mini-shoot at the golf course, Caledonia. Caledonia has been apart of our family for so many years- I have no ideahow many! It is a gorgeous place and I suggest anybody who loves a good game of golf in the most beautiful setting- check it out. The link is on this page. Back to the little one- we worked hard for some smiles and now, as I look at these, why? She is just a doll without a cheesy grin on her face.

You guys take care and we hope you find what you are looking for!!
Now, to my dear, amazing friend, Danielle. She might possibly kill me for posting this! But she is glowing even more than she does on a regular basis. Danielle is one of those people that can take on the world with a smile on her face. She and her hubby have waited awhile bf deciding to get pregnant. Worth the wait? Oh yea! They will be AMAZING parents!! Love ya, sweetie:)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Out of Office...

Hehe- that sounds cool!! Yes, I will be out of the office all day today. Emails and phone calls will be returned within 24 hrs. I am off to the Americus Mart today! WE-HOOOO (that is a new excited word, I am guessing) Karen :)

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Some Peeking...

Here are some peeks of Baby Nora, a darling 3 mo old. She is so tiny and cute:) A little mommy and daddy love and a nap!
Today I met with Riley and her fun mommy. We got some great shots at the Gold Mine!! Riley is my daughter, Lily's, age. They would get along so great. It was nice to be able to capture some memories for them, as I was told it has been about 2 yrs since pics were made!
I LOVE this smooch!!