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Monday, June 29, 2009

LOADS of Pics...

I will post now, talk later:) Here is what i have been up to at the beach and since (excluding past couple days)
My friends we stayed with in Destin:
My crazy kiddos:
Lil and M
Oh, and no- I do not tie my kids up by their ankles! My sis's dog, Stella has wrapped her rope around both of the kids! Might have a little scar. At least the fence is done now, so no more rope!!
My old friend, Allison's 3 mo old twins, Molly and Lucy:
Our other old friend, Leigh's precious boy, Blake:
My baby planner twins, Rebecca and Grace:
Baby Planner and cutie pie, Dylan and his cool fam:
My friend Jennifer of The Dizzy Dragonfly and her adorable kiddos, Ava and 4 wk old, Bennett (yes , he is an old newborn for me- Bennett, mommy, mimi, my cuz Wendy and I were rockin it!) :
Oh, and the story about that shoot. I am so used to being North of the city for shoots. This time I was South. My cousin Wendy came with me (and she will think I am really stupid for repeating this story!) Anyways, we were driving for about 45 min and I started looking for signs for 285. What I found was a sign that said that i was like 20 min away from Macon!!! So, not only did I do a shoot a good ways from my house, I drove an extra 45 min in the wrong direction! UGH!! Earth to me!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ponder on These...

My eyes are about to close. I will tell you the funny story about my newborn shoot today when I post tomorrow. I still have loads of beach pics to share and a few from other sessions. But, tonight, I leave you with Audrey and Ava, 2 super fun girls (not to mention gorgeous in and out!)
good night!

Monday, June 22, 2009

We are Home...

We actually had to come home a little early bc of illness:( Came home to complete chaos, but I have a white knight (well, the knight is a she!) coming tomorrow night to save me!! My cuz, Wendy, is coming to help me put my house and life back together. We are so thankful for Scott's new job, but we cannot seem to catch up with anything. His hours are crazy and since he is not the boss anymore, he cannot come home early or take off, if needed. I am taking alot of the burden bc of that. BUT, he loves the job and we are VERY happy to have it!! So, needless to say, I am running behind - still- on galleries. I am hoping having this extra help will allow me to focus and get everything straight:)
On a positive note:) We had a wonderful trip! The kids had a blast. We had so much fun with the B family! I have lots of pics to share, but I came home to my NEW computer and I still do not have everything set up. Work stuff is on new and internet is hooked up to old- talk about a pain! So funny, I literally walked around the beach with butterflies. Like something was missing, like I was forgetting something. It finally wore off by the last day or so. I have figured it out- I cannot relax! I do not think it makes me a work aholic- I think it is bc my plate is always full and I just pull up my chair to the computer and work on whittling it down. At the beach, I had my computer, but I did minimal work. What a strange feeling. Anyone else like that?
So, I am closing this summer off for new clients:( I know- but it is only fair. I am super busy and I need more time to work. I am booked for July and August is reserved for old clients only (unless you are already on the books) I totally want to thank anyone that has sent me someone. I LOVE that word of mouth is my only advertising. It makes me feel special. So thanks to all my wonderful clients. I will evaluate the situation late summer to see if I can open back up for new clients in the fall. Gotta get back to work- the kids are finally quiet and busy- WHEW!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Off to the Beach...

I am trading out pics for a stay at a client's condo! So, we will be there with them for a few days doing beach pics, then we have the place to ourselves. I am so excited- if i can just get there, now. Had a fun shoot with an old friend this morning. Aim- I hope these can hold you over!!! The girls were precious!

Ok, so I have said I will not have internet access unless I can find some. I am bringing my desktop to edit and work on storyboards, etc.. So, I am hoping and praying that when I get home, I will be refreshed and have not fallen behind bc of my vacation! Rachel will still be taking orders and invoicing (unless she cannot get in touch with me for an answer to a question) and Scott will be here to check the mail if you are mailing a payment. I have many galleries out right now. When I get back and settled, I will be trying to wrap them up. Gotta stay on top bf Fall gets here! Bf we know it:) I think that is all... BYE!

The Last Few Hours...

why am I leaving at 4:30 in the morning again??? Luckily, my kids need no baby gear and we do not have to bring any beach gear. So, packing is PRETTY simple. So, right now, I have laundry going while I work to get my last min stuff done. I have orders to place, peeks to give and ends to tie!! Here are some of the fantastic shots I got these past couple days-
Little Addison, who comes all the way from AL to see me!! Cutie pie is- you guessed it- ONE! She is taking the cutest steps. Nice to see you guys again!

Next, another new friend- Ava. Ava came to me for some 1 yr old shots. I know many of mommy's friends. Nice to meet you guys! Oh- Ava was SO FUNNY with her cake!! NEVER have I seen a child play and only take like 2 bites. She turned the cake into a huge pile of mush. It was all over! Good times:)

My FAVE cake shot- EVER!!!

Sweet girl-

next up, 2 years old, Will. I love this kid! So cute and so much fun!! Mom and Dad are pretty spiffy, too:) Had a blast with this little guy-

LOVE this shot! What a smile-

Happy little fam-

I have one more peek for some friends I met with this morning. Still have not unloaded the card:)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

High Five For All the FUN Shoots This Week...

I am loving the parent interaction I am getting! I have more from this session tomorrow plus 2 others bf I leave town. I am going to be sending little peeks for those of you waiting on a gallery. I am taking my computer, but will not have internet, so I will be editing, but not posting. I appreciate your patience. I thought I was able to get ahead bf I left, but that was next to impossible! Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

One Year Old GIRLS....

Too fun- these little muchkins! Mallory is the daughter of the owner of Lily Pad Paper. She was much more smiley than last time I saw her and brother, Tyler, was much more still that last time I saw him!! These kids are precious and I think mom and dad will be happy!!! Take a peek-

Mom REALLY wanted a walking shot-

A snuggle with Daddy- Super sweet!

Had fun guys:)
Now, baby Nora. Not so much a babe anymore! I saw her when she was sitting up and now she is dancing like a little diva and running from my camera. Thank goodness she decided to interact with mom and dad bc i am so excited about her shots!

Such a fun shoot at White Oak Park in Hiram. Might be a contender for a fall-mini-shoot..... Off to bed- I will blog the rest tomorrow!!

The Month of the 1 Year Olds...

I am officially spoiled! A 6 mo shoot and 5 (yes, 5) 1 yr olds!! I think that is my fave age. As stressed as I have been behind the computer, behind the lens has been a BREEZE! First off, my baby planner, Andrew. Ok- hello?? beautiful baby!! And his super, SWEET fam...
Check out that 2.0 blur!!! Still loving my lens!

Next, the first of 5 little one yr olds- Hudson. He was such a doll. I LOVE their fam- have known them since college. They better stick with me bc I will miss them too much:)

Had a hard time getting these shots- love this one!

I will be back- gotta take care of the kiddos...

Monday, June 08, 2009


This little 4 mo old is near and dear to my heart. She has amazing parents and an adorable big brother. You probably will not recognize her, but she is the blog header above! She is so much like her brother- the eyes, the serious faces. But, she is petite and girly. A perfect addition to the family. I am literally about to fall over, so I will have to finish blogging tomorrow. You people are keeping me busy!! I love it! But, I have to admit, I will relish every moment of my vacation next week:)
Sweet Sophia- love you guys!!


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A Good Deal on Disney...

Thought I would share- dining plan is great! and for free....

Might have to copy and paste link:)


I am finally doing it- PICTURELILY IS HIRING!!!! Tell everyone you know. Here are the details:
- Must be able to come to my house once a week for a few hours at a time to:
- Preview and narrow down images
- Color correct... plus....
- Package and mark off orders
- Possibly help design and put together xmas cards, storyboards, etc..
- Must have a really good knowledge of:
- Photoshop CS3 and preferably Lightroom, as well.
(I am so busy, I would rather not have to train!!!)
- If you are an aspiring photographer- I am OK with that, but just know that I just need help and cannot be of much help to you:)
- If you are able to teach me anything new- that is always a plus!
Shoot me an email if interested. Starts ASAP!!!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


It all came together- the light, the location, the clothes and the look. This was from a shoot to replace the old images for My Beautiful Sophia. We shot the other a couple of years ago and little Sophia has grown so much, it was time for an update. We are so pleased! I cannot wait to see the final results and marketing material. This outfit she is wearing is still available in certain sizes, so scoot on over to the link on the right side of blog to check it out!