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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Last Few Hours...

why am I leaving at 4:30 in the morning again??? Luckily, my kids need no baby gear and we do not have to bring any beach gear. So, packing is PRETTY simple. So, right now, I have laundry going while I work to get my last min stuff done. I have orders to place, peeks to give and ends to tie!! Here are some of the fantastic shots I got these past couple days-
Little Addison, who comes all the way from AL to see me!! Cutie pie is- you guessed it- ONE! She is taking the cutest steps. Nice to see you guys again!

Next, another new friend- Ava. Ava came to me for some 1 yr old shots. I know many of mommy's friends. Nice to meet you guys! Oh- Ava was SO FUNNY with her cake!! NEVER have I seen a child play and only take like 2 bites. She turned the cake into a huge pile of mush. It was all over! Good times:)

My FAVE cake shot- EVER!!!

Sweet girl-

next up, 2 years old, Will. I love this kid! So cute and so much fun!! Mom and Dad are pretty spiffy, too:) Had a blast with this little guy-

LOVE this shot! What a smile-

Happy little fam-

I have one more peek for some friends I met with this morning. Still have not unloaded the card:)

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Aaren said...

Wow Karen! You are fast :) I definitely wasn't even expecting a "peek" until you got back from vacation. We appreciate it!! Have a great time away. - Aaren