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Monday, July 28, 2008


We are off to the beach! Any orders that I have in will be taken care of as soon as I get back- no worries! I have caught up galleries and anyone who does not have theirs will be availble right at 3 wks from the shoot. Thank you for your patience anad understanding! I am looking foward to some R and R bf the CRAZY Fall season, as most of you know- I do not get much sleep bc you people keep me BUSY! Take care-

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Reagan and Brody...

These 2 cuties are less than 2 yrs apart. Mom never stops and she did not stop today! We set up Brody for his 3 mo shoot, wore him out and took a golf cart ride to Reagan's 2 yr session. We worked on getting smiles and eye contact and were sweating in the process:) All for a good cause- some great pics! Thanks S and A for entertaining me and I ALMOST had to call you for a HUGE favor! Driving home I realized I had forgot my wallet. Over 70 miles from home and about 30 miles in gas left- I was flipping out! Luckily, my terrific friends, Ginger and Andy left their Bible study early and met me about 15 min away to fill me up! How embarrasing!!! I would have completely stranded if it wasn't for them- huge thank you:) Well, off to wrap up some things and get some rest bc tomorrow is a day of packing. We will be off to Satellite Beach for a week bf KINDERGARTEN. Ta-ta...

Oh, and Reagan- you are busted for giving me a little smile! Hah!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sweet Carter...

I finally got to meet Baby Carter! After having to reschedule 5 times for numerous reasons!!! His mom and I never thought we would meet:) Carter is 5 and a half months, so he is still perfecting his sitting, but he was doing great. I think we caught him in a mellow mood, not too many smiles, but some ADorable faces:) Here are a few-

Friday, July 25, 2008

Wrapping up the Week...

My BFF, Kelley, and i are taking the kids to the beach bf school starts. We are leaving on Tues for a week. SO- I am trying to get everything wrapped up. I am not sure about internet access while we are there. I am going to try and set up the Out of the Office automated reply for email- have no idea how!
UPdate: I have started contacting my September list for appointments. If this is you- I will be in touch. After I get the list taken care of, I will announce if I have spots availible. I am looking foward to the Fall and trying to take advantage of my "month off" to get ready for the RUSH!!! My galleries are still running 3 wks and about 2 or so once payment is received for Orders. A big Thank You to my wonderful clients that keep me busy:)
Scott and I just celebrated our 8th Anniversary! We decided to do Six Flags without the kids and dinner at Gabe's Downtown. We only rode 3 rollercoasters and it WORE US OUT!!! DO NOT- I REPEAT-DO NOT ride ScreamMachine in the last car! It is EXTREMELY painful!!!! Bumbs. Oh my gosh! I am not even 30 yet and it made me feel old:) We rode Goliath first and that was a blast, just really intense. I actually blacked out on the 3rd hill!! I thought I was staring at the sun, but when I looked for the sun, it was not in my face! Scott has to think I am the biggest wuss. Oh well!
I have one shoot tonight and one Sunday and then Off to the beach!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Babies to Share...

I have so much computer work to do! So, I am going to share these sweet babes really quick-
First off, I met with 5 mo Jayden and her fun fam. She is such a babydoll and I look foward to her shoots.

Next, I visited my amazing friend, Danielle and her 2 mo son, Nickolas (I really hope I spelled that right!) He is such a beautiful baby- I could look at him all day. he was FULL of smiles for us. I am thinking he is just bf the "3 mo stare" at my camera. He just kept on smiling- so cute!

Yesterday, I went to meet John (3 mo) and his sweet cousin, Caroline. We had a great time. Some laughs and a little nap. The pic of John shows the closest we got to a smile:) Mom said he was full of them after I left- Of course!!! These 2 were just so precious-

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Click to see bigger

Here is proof that Morgan is a 2 yr old and Lily loves her brother. She put up with him abusing her to get a sweet picture. I thought this series was really cute. My kids are a mess!
PS- this is my new yellow chair that is now CHERRY RED! This was the goodbye yellow shoot. I needed something cute that I could use for boys.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Playing Hard to Get....

This has been the week of the boys and the week of working hard for SMILES:) I mean- I think I have a tattoo on my forehead that says, "DO NOT SMILE!" I think the moms see it, but the babies are sneaking them in...
Oh boy! I am going to squeeze them!! Luke (3 mo) and Griffin (6 mo) provided me with lots of fun and brought many smiles to my face! I hope the mommies LOVE their pics. Here are a few more-

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sharing the Boys...

There are boys everywhere! Here is the newest addition to the PictureLily Baby Club:) Meet Harrison!! He is such and doll and just so tiny. I could not stop staring at him!
Him and his beautiful mommy- in a little chocolate finish. This was done in their dining room with window light and a dark wall behind. Turned out cool- huh??

Rewind to this morning ... here is Hudson. Hudson is an adorable 18 month old that gave me and mom a workout! Not a sit in sight. But- oh, you just have to patient and ready to snap the pic... isn't he too cute?

He really wanted to touch the ducks- the scary ones that pant- yikes! Well, I had a blast little guys:)
Here is one of my boy, Morgan. He eats his breakfast at his "desk" in the living room. It is so cute!

Off to work- i am getting galleries ready and working on 2 1st Bday invites:) No shoots tomorrow, so you can find me in between the computer and keeping Morgan from climbing the kitchen cabinets!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

We Are Home...

Had to recover from our vacation! We had such a good time at Disney. I did not take my camera, so these pics are from our point and shoot- not good:(
Our last day, we went to Magic Kingdom and by late afternoon, Scott's mom had contracted my mini stomach bug I had gotten(luckily, not the normal. horrible one!) and we broke into our own little fam, just the 4 of us. We stayed until close (12) We saw the fireworks and the awesome SpectroMagic Parade (I highly recommend) and rode a few rides with no line! Lily and Morgan did so great! Morgan is 2 and he was actually tall enough to ride the kid rollercoaster in the Mickey's Toontown Fair area. He cracked one smile and then went back to the straight face and pitched a fit when we got off. He looked so tiny! Lily rode every ride she could. She had ridden Splash Mntn last trip and swore to never do it again bc of the dark and scary characters- she decided to do it again and LOVED it! I am so proud of her- she just loves the thrill rides:)

I am keeping August closed except for my Baby Planners and a few we need to document their sweet baby-ness bf they get too big! August is just too hot for our little kiddies and pictures. Red faces- grumpiness- not good pics. I will be opening my Fall soon, so make sure and contact me to get your spot. I am still keeping up with my list and those people will be contacted first.
I want to share some from a session I did this morning. This is sweet, Ayden. He is about to be 2 and will be a big bro in October! Ayden had an allergic reaction and his eyes were a little swollen, but we made do and got some really cute shots! I brought along my vintage firetruck and i really love the look
And then, bf I left, I took my assistant, Rachel, and her fam out to the field for a little photoshoot. I had to post a few of her little cutie, Nathan!!

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Getting down to crunch time. Mickey- here we come!!! I had some unfinished business to attend to today. First, I met Princess Neveah for her Bday invitation shoot. Boy, that girl is adorable:)

This afternoon, I took my 2 to Berry and Bean in downtown Villa Rica. I sat them down for an ice cream shoot. I am doing some shots for them to put in the new Villa Rica News and Views. I already did some with their adorable grandkids and wanted to add a few more choices for them. I totally recommend taking the kiddos over there for a little icecream break. They are even going to have a Sock Hop and some other things soon! How fun!
i know that an icecream shot should be color, but Scott and I just really liked it in BW. After that, I rushed to meet my little one year old, Noah. We have already done his 1 yr shoot, but I was not really feeling the shots. Feeling it now!!! We had fun with his baseball in a field-

Have a Happy 4th!!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Lola is going to be a big sister!! I met with her and her parents (somemore friends from college) last night to grab some pics of the fam bf Baby ?? comes. Lola had some plans of her own and it did not include picture taking- fine by me! Bc then, we get get fun/playful images like these!!!
Then we got some sweet mommy daddy love shots like this
With the little ones, you never know what you will get! And that is why am here- to capture it while you enjoy it:)