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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Our Crazy Company...

These past 2 days, we had some very close friends stay on their homecoming for xmas. We invited some of the other friends to come and hang out and visit. We had a total of 9 adults and 8 children under the age of 7!! The kids stayed up until 12:15 (except for my Morgan, who was in bed at 8:00) It was soooo much fun! The next morning, I had an impromptu photo session with the kids. I just picked my faves and put them together. These are NOT examples of a storyboard I would put together.

How cute are all the kids??

We had so much fun and cannot wait to see you all again :)

Sweet Shot...

I seem to get so many great mom and child shots. I am almost done with little Carson's 3 mo gallery and thought I would post this. WHat a sweet shot. These are the family images I love!
Just to let people know- I am already booking sessions in January. I have availibility, but if you are wanting an appointment- let me know!!! I am a natural light photographer. Inside, I use window light and then I do sessions outside as well. For an indoor session, I prefer to do younger children and babies. I also tend to use windows when shooting maternity. So, please keep this in mind when considering a session for your children. If you have a child turning 2 or so this winter, consider waiting until the weather is bearable to do an outdoor session. I am sure I have more to post, so I will not wish you a happy new year just yet:)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Winding Down 2007...

I am determined to finish my 2007 editing and galleries bf the new year. We will see:) We had a wonderful Christmas with lots of family. My parents came from South Carolina and we spent lots of time with Scott's family. And, tomorrow, we have lots of friends coming in from out of town.

We have had an interesting year. Let's just say that the success of PictureLily has come at an amazing time. Who would expect that the second you start wanting to grow your business, it would take off!!?? WOW! So, thank you to all my wonderful clients who are kind, caring and patient. Thank you to my friends and family who have supported me and allowed yourselves to take the back burner when it comes to their pics!!

I told this mom to be that I would give her another peek to tide her over until her gallery was ready. Here is one of the many I have found that I love! Thanks for being so patient with me and I will be getting your gallery to you soon-

I have hardly taken any pictures of my children this holiday. Besides the normal Christmas candids. I did not even get cards out. SO, I am making a pact- I will be getting some soon! And I will post my sweet babies. Lily (4) and our mess of a sweet boy, Morgan (20 mo)- Good Night

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

For Mom...

I was sending this to mom of Reese, but decided to share with all. It is one of my faves of the sweet babe! This is the Reese that would not go to sleep for anything. Man, what a dollbaby. Enjoy...
PictureLily News- I am booking Jan and Feb of 2008. My new prices are on the left side of Blog page. I am hoping to update my website soon. I am just so excited that after 6 years of shooting, and 4 years of being a mom- I am ready to roll!! I cannot say enough that I love my job and my clients!!! OK, enough mushy stuff. Back to editing:)

Monday, December 17, 2007

It is Finally Looking Alot Like Christmas...

I am finally feeling it a little! I am not sure if it was the weather that postponed my Christmas Spirit or what. I have done some shopping- no where near done:) I tell you what else I have been doing- editing! You guys are keeping me busy. This holiday season has been a huge blessing for our family. I have not counted how many sessions I have done since October, but it is alot. I did not anticipate it at all. Next year, things will be different! I know what to expect and I know that I will need some help. Well, help has been recruited for the busy times. I appreciate all the patience that has been shown to me. Your sessions are being worked on and your orders are literally being waited on in the driveway! My UPS guy has got to think I am a nut bc I started jumping up and down in my drive when he pulled up! Unfortunatly, it was not all I had hoped for. Same show tomorrow...

I had the pleasure of meeting sweet, adorable one year old, Olivia. Olivia was not sure about me and my camera, but I managed to grab the most adorable shots. Here are 2 for your little teaser...

I did get some smiles- have to save something. Hope you have a good trip:) Ok, I promise I will post more often. Now that the ordering is calming down, I have a few extra minutes to blog. For now, it is after midnight and I am calling it quits-

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More to share...

Today was my sweet husband's bday. So, I am working a little late tonight to make up for only working a part of today. We finally put up our tree last night. Lily loved decorating and seeing each ornament. She was very good about decorating the same spot on the tree- of course, Mr Perfectionist (AKA, hubby Scott) went along behind her and spread the ornaments around the tree:) Morgan has insisted on taking the balls off- threw one on the kitchen floor last night- SMASH! I will be investing in shatterproof next year. I have 2 sessions to share and one to share for tomorrow (Nevaeh, that is you, sweet girl!) I know your mommy is ready to get me!!! Here is an engagement session that I did of a neat couple. We had fun trying not to slip in the creek at the cool location she suggested. And I met with sweet Carson today. His blue eyes were shing for his 3mo shoot. I just have one to share tonight, but I am sure more will follow. Carson will be hanging out with Morgan and I- 2 days a week! How exciting to have a little bitty one around (and to photograph)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

More to Share...

I had a great newborn session and maternity session within a few days of eachother. It was nice to get back to the simple things for a bit. A little calmer and laid back. Well, little Reese- cutie pie did not want to sleep! Mimi prevailed with the hum (or roar) of the vaccum cleaner and some bouncin and butt patting! Once she was out....

And my soon to be parents! Sweet couple- I am really looking foward to capturing them with their sweet baby girl. This first pic may not be composed exactly like it should, but look at their expressions. How could I not snap it?!!! I just love the look on their faces. Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow.

Doesn't she look so pretty? She is glowing with those leaves all around her. Pretty crazy to be almost 70 degrees in DECEMBER! Can you say hot???
Oh, note to families who get peeks (and anybody else!) I would to hear what you think. So, post a comment or drop me an email- thx!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Crazy? Anybody?

This Holiday season is CRAZY! I pulled an all nighter last night trying to get a big order in. I am tying up loose ends and resolving any small issues (with the labs) I think I see a light:)
Enough whining!! How about some peeks?? I have more, but here are some recent sessions-

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

THIS is Why I LOVE my Job...

Images like this! I got my beloved new camera (Nikon D300!) and love it! It makes low light situations easy. Mom of this sweet Madelyn is probably not expecting such Awesome images as we got. Hate to leave you hanging!! So....

I had a great time with you guys in your wonderful home. Now, I head to a newborn shoot- AHHH! And then back to the grind. A quick thank you so my wonderful clients who have been soooo patient with me. My computer is working overload (me too) I put in orders for 16 sessions the other night!! Crazy-I am so humbled that people love what I do so much. On that note, I am not taking anymore appointments for 2007. I need some air bf the holidays! I am having a price increase for 2008 to a sitting of $55 and desk prints up $2 and wall prints and storyboards up $5. These prices are still very reasonable for what I do- check around!!! PS- I am looking for maternity and baby clients for 2008- spread the word!!! Back to work-