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Monday, December 17, 2007

It is Finally Looking Alot Like Christmas...

I am finally feeling it a little! I am not sure if it was the weather that postponed my Christmas Spirit or what. I have done some shopping- no where near done:) I tell you what else I have been doing- editing! You guys are keeping me busy. This holiday season has been a huge blessing for our family. I have not counted how many sessions I have done since October, but it is alot. I did not anticipate it at all. Next year, things will be different! I know what to expect and I know that I will need some help. Well, help has been recruited for the busy times. I appreciate all the patience that has been shown to me. Your sessions are being worked on and your orders are literally being waited on in the driveway! My UPS guy has got to think I am a nut bc I started jumping up and down in my drive when he pulled up! Unfortunatly, it was not all I had hoped for. Same show tomorrow...

I had the pleasure of meeting sweet, adorable one year old, Olivia. Olivia was not sure about me and my camera, but I managed to grab the most adorable shots. Here are 2 for your little teaser...

I did get some smiles- have to save something. Hope you have a good trip:) Ok, I promise I will post more often. Now that the ordering is calming down, I have a few extra minutes to blog. For now, it is after midnight and I am calling it quits-

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