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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Winding Down 2007...

I am determined to finish my 2007 editing and galleries bf the new year. We will see:) We had a wonderful Christmas with lots of family. My parents came from South Carolina and we spent lots of time with Scott's family. And, tomorrow, we have lots of friends coming in from out of town.

We have had an interesting year. Let's just say that the success of PictureLily has come at an amazing time. Who would expect that the second you start wanting to grow your business, it would take off!!?? WOW! So, thank you to all my wonderful clients who are kind, caring and patient. Thank you to my friends and family who have supported me and allowed yourselves to take the back burner when it comes to their pics!!

I told this mom to be that I would give her another peek to tide her over until her gallery was ready. Here is one of the many I have found that I love! Thanks for being so patient with me and I will be getting your gallery to you soon-

I have hardly taken any pictures of my children this holiday. Besides the normal Christmas candids. I did not even get cards out. SO, I am making a pact- I will be getting some soon! And I will post my sweet babies. Lily (4) and our mess of a sweet boy, Morgan (20 mo)- Good Night

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Kelley and Matt Henson said...

I do miss seeing those sweet babies! I sent your blog to a cousin who is interested in the same type of photography as you. Hopefully she will find some inspiration through your amazing work!!! You are getting soooooo good (especially when compared to my interesting day in Sears portrait studio). There is no better place to capture kids on camera than in their own environment! I love you Karen, and am so blessed to have you as a friend.