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Friday, March 27, 2009

My Vacation Starts...

NOW! I think, well, maybe a few more things. I am going to pack and then hit the hay for our long drive to SC tomorrow. I WILL be checking emails (at random) and returning phone calls. If you have an order to submit- please do- Rachel and I will get you taken care of so I can place your order when I get home. Remember the Mother's Day Sale- it will end ????? So, drop me an email if you are interested. Go see the window at The Villaga Frame and Trophy Shop. Baby Planners- if you need June- contact me ASAP!!!! I think that is all! See ya!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Beautiful Boy...

4.5 month, Andrew, came to see me for a quick photoshoot. We had a regular shoot planned, but the weather said something different. So, I told mom, since the sky was not completely dark- bring him over here! We put him in my foyer and VOILA! pictures! He is such a beautiful boy with a great disposition. We will "reconvene" at a later time to get sibling and fam shots:)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Mother's Day Sale...

A sale??? What??? Oh, yes! I have a little deal:) One of my clients inspired this sale. She emailed me and told me they want to do Mini Storyboards of their daughter for their moms for Mother's Day. Cute idea! Mom can put it on a shelf in the living room, frame it, put it on an easel or take it to the office. It is the perfect size; just right for a little nook. So, here's the deal:
That is $40 for 2 mothers day gifts! You can use pics from an old session or your current. These 5x10 minis are $25 each, but the deal is only offered when purchasing 2. Also, you MAY choose 2 different designs! It does not have to be the same to get the deal. Yes, I know, more work for me! But, I know that every mom is different and I want you to be pleased with the gift you give her! Dads- you can do this for your wife, if you like! I will keep it a secret:) If you choose to do this, please email me asap. I will not be designing this coming up week, so that limits the time. I will put a deadline on here when I can come up with one. PS- MOTHER'S DAY IS SUN MAY 10TH!!

This can also be made with 2 pics- one long horizontal and a square or vertical- lots of options:)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wahoo- Spring...

I am loving our weather! Still a little on the chilly side in the mornings, but warm afternoons. I met with little, birthday girl, Ella, this morning at a farm. The second she got out of the car, I saw her fun personlity! She was smiling, clapping and waving. Happy girl! She made some of the cutest faces and not a fuss in sight. It was so nice to meet you guys- Happy Birthday Ella!!!

Her best princess wave- I think it is habit for her to wave, now. She has this trick down pat:)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

End of the Week...

Long week! I have a couple of sweet boys to post-
First off, Part 1 of little Andrew's 6 mo shoot. One of my adorable Baby Planners. Stay tuned for Part 2:)
A sweet snuggle with mom and dad. I am a sucker for a thumb in the mouth- no pun intended!

Today, I had Mr. Tyler, who was smiling and clapping the whole time. I have been taking Tyler's pics since he was first born- always a joy!

Then, I went and visited 4 mo old, Austin. Mommy and I are old friends, so it was such a nice visit. Little Austin did so great- his mom agreed that it was worth the wait until he was 4 mo.. In my experience, 3 mo babies are a little harder. There seem to be less smiles and their necks are much more steady. I also love that most 4 mo babes will lay on tummy like Austin did:)

I loved this shot with dad-

Hello!!!! Beautiful family????

i was happy to have great light coming through their bedroom window. It is hard to get family shots indoors bc there is usually not enough light.
I think I will hit the hay early tonight. I stayed up and watched TWILIGHT last night and was out the door at 7:30 this morning. I am a little nervous bc we are headed to SC for spring break to hang with my awesome family next week. I am not taking my work!! I am trying to get caught up bf we leave. Gallery deadlines will be pushed back a little to allow me some quality time with my fam.. I WILL be checking emails and invoicing while away, just nothing that I need Photoshop for!!! I can do it- right???? Ok, don't forget to leave a comment and/or subscribe to my feed at the bottom of the page! Don't be shy- I love to know who is reading. G'night!

Friday, March 20, 2009

My Head is Spinning...

I had a newborn shoot for an old friend yesterday and I love so many, I cannot choose!! Addison was such a tiny doll and it was a joy to see Nicole as a mommy! We had a great shoot. Nicole has been a "blog stalker" (as I like to call myself and I love it when people admit they stalk mine!) for awhile now and I think it is so cool for her to have pics of HER sweet baby here!!! Without further ado...
Meet Addison Nicole:

Some mommy/daddy love-

Our creativity-

And props to my good friend, Liberty, for this (ahem, hehe) PROP. She gave me this awesome basket!!!

I came home from this shoot worn out! Scott and I watched our recorded LOST and I hit the hay. Only until I chugged my iced latte from McDonalds at 3:00 today, did I feel awake! Now, I have a family portrait to do of Scott's side of the family in my dining room. I hope I know what I am doing!! Hehe- using my dusty studio lights:)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I met with sweet, Katelyn, last week and she gave me faces like this-

It was cold and little girl was not having fun! Well, she is not even 2- we go with the flow here at PictureLily. And the flow was Do-over!! So, we tried again... still got some sad faces, but that personlality that I saw deep down last time came out and was SHINING! She is such a doll! Check her out-

I think this one would make a great enlargement:) Just a neat pic of her. Thanks so much to Katelyn, Mom and Nana for a good morning:)
So, my brother in law and his wife live in CA. They are down for a visit for the first time in years. Along with them... our new nephew, Kane. At exactly 2 mo, this little guy is a pudgy, bundle of joy. We are all smitten with him! Chris has a huge tatoo on his arm with Kane's name and Bday in it, so I had to include that! Here are a few-

And bc they are like family, our friends, Troy and Nikki came over and I had to take a pic of our god son, Ayden. Look at this sweet face!!!

Welcome Packet Now on Blog...

Look on the right side for the link. This includes all the info you will need when deciding if PictureLily is right for you! Please email or call me if you have further questions!

Monday, March 16, 2009


I went over on my photohosting site and all my pics are gone! Thank you to J, who let me know:) So, I have fixed it, but I have no idea how long it will take to show back up. Just check back!! Thanks~

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Had to Share...

I was editing for a wee bit (before i climb into bed with a book!) and thought I would share this sweet shot of Addison. Her gallery is due on Tues. I have a busy week coming up! My bro and sis in law are in town with their 2 mo old baby, Kain. I was so excited to see our nephew for the first time. He is such a dollbaby! They are coming back over on Tues for a photoshoot- so stay tuned. I have a 19 mo old, a newborn, 2- one year olds and a 4 mo old this week! Whew! Let's hope the weather is on our side this week. Alright, I just rubbed my eyes:) Gnight!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Little Hudson~ what a cu-tie! Hudson is a cool 9 mo and full of smiles. Mom always has him dressed in sweet stuff. Sometimes even clothing she has made- Check out Three Designs. I have photographing them since he was in his mommy's tummy and big bro, Conrad, was winning me over:)

I am so excited bc our local frame shop- The Village Frame Shop- is doing a window with all of my pics! She has custom framed a few pieces and put the rest in ready made frames with some pretty cool mats! I cannot wait to take pics. You will have to come and see it- and get Cindy to frame something for you:)

Since we are talking news, a little bit of PictureLily Business:
- I am trying to shorten my trips, so if you are in a faraway land, such as Cumming or Canton, consider coming down towards Atl and meeting me for pics:) If it is a newborn session- just ask! If I have the time, you bet, I will come see your little one.
- I am doing my absolute best NOT to bug people for orders and payments. Times are hard for all of us right now. Please try your best to place your order in your 2 week time period and pay in a timely fashion. This will #1- keep my workflow consistent, therefore bringing speedier service and better quality to you and #2- help me pay my bills:) I hope you all enjoy the rain this weekend- haha!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I ran over to my friend, Brandi's, house today to take a few pics of their 4 mo old son. Brock is such a big boy- he wanted to take off, I think! Chunky legs and cheeks- sooo cute!

My Minis...

First "MINI" I want to share are my new "mini" Storyboards. They are a miniature version of the regular storyboards. As of right now, they only come in 5x10 inches, but I will be adding a square version soon. They are printed just like a print, but with a linen texture and is mounted on styrene (which is a hard plastic material). They are terrific for your office or a gift for Grandma! Space saver for all those cute pics you cannot choose from! You can rest it on a shelf or grab a mini easel from the craft store. I am looking into framing options, soon. This is not the best pic bc they are wrapped in plastic, but here is a 12x24 and a 5x10 storyboard together.
Cute??? Love them! They are $25 right now, so add it to your order:)
Now, MY MINI- Morgan. He will be 3 in April and he is just so much fun. Here is a little sandbox shot. I captured so many faces, but I was in a hurry, so I only picked 2.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Who Let the 18 Month Old Out...

18 month sessions are fun! And, I mean the kind of fun you have to wear tennis shoes and old jeans bc your knees get dirty! I have been photographing Carson since he was in mommy's belly and I was so excited to see him in all his Toddler glory:) An 18 mo session GUARANTEES this shot-
The back. With silliness and much patience, we can most of the time grab shots like these-
A little sweetness-
And a LOT of silliness!
I got so many of his running and jumping and showing all of his 18 mo tricks. I think he had fun...
And speaking of fun- Scott and I tried something new this weekend. Our friends from NY and their family are totally into Nascar- which I think is so cute considering that just reeks southern:) John is a firefighter in Atl and he and all his best buds have made an old school bus into a camper for 8. Complete with a bar and air condition. Then, there is a ladder that takes you to a platform on top of the bus and you stand there and watch the cars race around you. (along with some other scary sights!!) We had a blast! We stayed on the bus on Sat night and watched the race on Sunday. I will say, I am not sucked in, but count me in next time!! Pretty fun stuff:) Now, i have returned home to a full calendar and a computer that is about to spontaneously combust!!!! So- back to editing...
Here is a shot of the bus. I was going to post one of us, but I think I will save the agony- I was looking pretty rough!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Do I Let my Guard Down?...

Well, Miss Karen did take this beautiful picture of me without a smile... And then, she put me in the amazing light. I will loosen up a little for that...
I mean, if I keep this up, maybe they will take me to Karen's house and let me play with Morgan's vintage looking firetruck... Oh- Mommy made me smile!!! Shoot- they caught it!!!!!!
I heard Miss Karen say that they got some great pictures of me. Well, of course- look at me - I am PRECIOUS!!!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Little Addison's mommy drove her all the way from Alabama to see me! A compliment, I assure you, I know:) Sweet babe was a little sleepy and alot cold. It is going to be warm this weekend (so I have heard) but, it was pretty chilly today. We went to a local chicken farm where the grass was green, but the breeze was chilly. I cannot wait to shoot there again (thank you so much to the S family for having us!!!) Here are some shots of darling Addison and one with her beautiful mommy. So good to meet you guys!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Back to Work...

We had a great weekend in Pawleys Island, SC with our family. It was the quickest trip ever! We got caught up in the nasty weather on the way home and both of the kids were sick, so I am trying to take deep breathes! I did not get to post from my 2 sessions bf I left, so here we go!
First, I met little Sara Beth for her first official photoshoot. She was such a sweetie and mom and dad are doing such a great job. Here is the little sweetheart-
Here she is with mom and dad- they make it look so easy- right??
Then I ran down the road to see Sean. He is one of my 9 mo baby planners. Such a smiley guy- love him!
I have to get back to work, but I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the snowday:)