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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Oh Yes, a Sneek Peek...

Hello! I am quickly putting these up bc I have a HUGE gallery due tomorrow. These are my little cousins! Are they not precious? Our children are not far apart in age, so it is nice to sit and chat or -you know what- about all the ups and downs of girls and boys:)
We met at the square in Marietta, which is a tricky place to shoot bc the middle is wide open, no shade. And it is surrounded by parking. Nevertheless, we did well! Check out Kendall and Tanner-

Sunday, April 27, 2008


I have had some terrific shoots lately! I met with little 18 mo, Lola and hers went just as well. Although, Lola is in tune with the tricks used to get her to smile, I caught some adorable expressions and the sweetness that just comes out of her. Lola will be a big sister this august and we are so excited:) Take a look at her precious curls! last time I photographed her, there was not a curl in sight!

I LOVE this location in Villa Rica! The mix of stone and green. Not to mention, there is always a suprise bloom somewhere! I am sad bc these daffodils are close to going away. I had not been by in awhile, so I did not even know they were there:(

Friday, April 25, 2008

Brotherly Love...

These 2 cutie-pies are 2.5 yrs apart. We have known the oldest since he was 1 and it is so sweet to see the little brother that follows in his footsteps! We stayed at Carson and Davis's house and played in their front yard for awhile and got some great shots. Then we went inside and got some dramatic window light shots that turned out really nice! I did get plenty of them individually, but really wanted to show these:)-I had a great time guys!! Hope you like your peek:)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Really Quick...

I promised mom a sneek peek tonight and I realized that I will probably not be able to get it up bf midnight! I am off to a shoot in a bit and then we are headed to the Irish Bred Pub in Carrollton- which by the way, now owned by... US! and our good friends, Troy and Nikki Hammett!! More details when I am not in a hurry! Anyways, today is my mom in law's bday and we are headed up there for dinner. Happy BDay, Susan!

I photographed little birthday girl, Ell this morning. Short for Elliot- how cute! She is a doll!! Mom had an awesome tutu and some adorable outfits. We got some great shots. Hope you like-
PS- for some reason, the colors are looking a little desaturated to me. Imagine them brightened up a little!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Baby Charlie...

I had a whirlwind of a day! Today was Morgan's (my son) 2nd birthday. He decided to show me only about half the temper tantrum he has been gracing us with every morning. From there on out- he just was plain adorable! No, I have no pictures. Although, in my head, I have the snapshot I wanted to grab, but my battery was charging. He was totally naked, standing inside a bottom, open cabinet. He was trying to reach his bright green, Curious George cake. Oh yes, he wanted it for breakfast- and pitched a fit. Of course, he is 2 to now:)
Then, I drove out to Cumming to capture some memories of sweet, Charlie and his super, cool mommies. The little babe is a looker! Take a peek-

Poor little Charlie was a little under the weather, but he was a trooper. And, I think, I officially a nut case in their book, bc i grabbed a boogie- Oh yes, a booger! We had no tissues and I just grabbed it. Ok, so being a mom for almost 5 years has ruined me!
One of my maternity clients has decided to skip out on me and have a a baby 6 weeks early! Congrats, guys! I cannot wait to meet the little man:) I am also adding to one of my baby Planner's gallery tomorrow. We were not able to get outdoor shots last time. I am excited to put cutie, Carson in a bucket in a field- stay tuned!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Whew- Long Day...

Wow, I cannot believe it is 12:15! I actually got to sleep in this morning a little. I had an afternoon shoot with 3 year old, Conrad and his parents. Oh, and did I mention his soon to be brother, Hudson??? We did some family shots, belly and some Soon to be BIG bro shots! Very fun-

I had to show his sweet little face- soon he will not be the baby:( And, I LOVE this slight vintage finish on this belly shot. I have been wanting to try this shot and finally got to do it. It can even be dressed "down" with no pants and possibly no bra (covered with hands)

Skipping back to yesterday-

Alex and his new brother, Zachary. Baby Zach is a little older than I typically do newborns, but he stayed awake and showed his pretty (um, I mean, handsome) eyes and even gave me a smile or 2. Here is a little storyboard I put together. I love the way Alex is looking at the baby like, "What do I think about him?!"click to view bigger:)

Friday, April 18, 2008


I have had so many people ask about my Storyboards! They really are great for putting your faves together without taking up a whole wall. They are nice decorative pieces in nurseries and make great gifts. I am building up my template collection so one day we can pick a template and just drop in the images. Until then, I will custom do them. I wanted to share a few and tell you about the sizes. I can do traditional sizes like 8x10, 11x14 and 16x20. The less common sizes are 12x12, 20x20 and 10x20. These sizes truly complement the flow of the images by eliminating the dead space around. Of course, you can still have a stunning piece with a traditional size. Not to mention, easier to find frames! As far as frames go, I offer the handmade, pine, distressed frames. I know that these do not fit every decor and I am currently scouting a convenient way to offer more traditional frames to my clients. Ok, take a look at these and more to come (I am a little tired!!)

The black is just there so you can see the print shape. Like i said, more to come. AND, a sneak peek for little 5 wk old, Zachary ad his mommy and daddy!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cutie Pie...

Alright, little Abby!! Here is a little peek of the fun we had today. Abby is such a doll:) I have wanted to photograph her since the first time we met. (At Poshy Lulu's in downtown Villa Rica - which by the way is closing- big clearance!)Thank goodness her mommy called me! This first bw is just so sweet and I love her shiny eyes. The second is in a vintage finish and I actually am working on a storyboard bc this is one of a series shot- SOOO CUTE!Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How is That For a Sneek Peek...

Hello!!??? Can you say gorgeous? I had to use this image for my new blog header! Sweet Caleb is 7 mo old. I hope I get this right- his mother is american with brown hair and his father is Korean. (please correct me if I am wrong!) We had a very cold session at Peidmont Park this morning. Caleb was a trooper. That is what I hate about outdoor sessions- you take what you can get. We just bundled, unwrapped, fed, shot a couple, bribed with puffs, bundled, napped, crossed our fingers, played and cried. I mean patience is a virtue and I have got it! At least with your children:)
Here is one more of Caleb with a little chocolate finish:

Poor baby was cold!
Alright, rewind a little bc I am behind posting a little! I had a blast with this awesome fam visiting from FL. I even got some images of me in action from mom! How cool:) Here are the kids, first:
Look at those sweet faces and
:)dimples:) Now, here is 2 that she sent me:

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Know, It Has Been Awhile...

Hope everyone is enjoying their yellow powder filled Spring!! I cannot believe it is the middle of April already! I am spacing appointments out in May to keep room for rescheduling, due to weather. So, if you are wanting or thinking about a May session- let me know ASAP. So far, we have not had to reschedule too bad. If, for some reason, you do need to reschedule, please let me know as soon as you do. I am basically a stay at home mom and have to make arrangements for my children. Sometimes, I have a babysitter lined up or an extra day at Daycare that I have already paid for. Because everybody is pretty good about it, I do not have to implement a deposit. I want to keep it that way!!
Here is a peek for little 9 mo Hailey. The sweet dollbaby is the daughter of some college friends of ours. We had a good shoot with a catnap in the middle! I also shot Hailey's cousins pics at the same time and will post some tomorrow. Mom has already seen a few, so I promised her at least on different shot on the Blog:) Here is Hailey- I cannot decided- color or BW with the bw dress??

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Enjoying Some Quiet Time...

Well, if stuffing me and my 2 kids into a 2 bedroom condo with lots of toys is quiet!! I am having to run to a coffeeshop or Chick Fila to get online, so please bear with me. We are enjoying ourselves, though:) Will be back on Sunday. I have lots of pics of the kids, but I am busy working on Galleries and have not taken them off the camera- sound like you??? Well, at least I HAVE to clear mine!!