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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Meet My Newest Baby Planner...

Tyler! He is so stinkin cute! I had a good time with him and his parents today. It was really cloudy, so we had to pull out some stops to get light. We got some great shots. I am so excited to watch him grow!! I am off to Pawleys Island,SC tomorrow to give the kids a "Spring Break" My parents are in SC, as well as lots of fam. We will be chilling out and getting some work done while Scott stays at home and closes on the business- Wish us luck!!!! I will be online a couple times a day, so feel free to email, but please be patient bc I am not sure who's wifi signal I will be able to steal!! Hopefully, the coffeeshops! Happy Spring:)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

I Cannot Think of a Header...

So, I will just get to my ramblings! April is BOOKED! With the exception for any newborns. If you have a baby due or just had one and need an appointment, please contact me asap!! picturelily@bellsouth.net
I look at my calendar and shake my head. I am so blessed to have a job I love and a wonderful family. So, I do feel the need to be honest- my kids that I adore are a handful right now and my hubby is extremely stressed out bc of buying a new business and I- ahhh- am good! A little scatterbrained and tired, but good! Blah- blah...
Looking at May- I HAVE WEEKENDS OPEN- but probably not for long. Those go the quickest. I am slowly starting to raise my travel fee. I have been driving alot more lately and noticing that I am not covering enough for gas and time. I am sure you will understand, as i feel my sitting is very fair for what I do:)
Also, I am starting SPRING CLEANING. If you have a gallery from 2007, it is coming down. Also, anything from January or February of this year. Rachel and i will be getting emails and phone calls out to all. They will still be available for reorders, just let me know. Thanks!
Off to the pics- I know Karah's mommy is dying to see her baby! Well, here she is !! What a terrific little girl. She is a month older that my little boy- funny to see the other sex at the same age.

Tyler's mommy's water broke while out with friends at a mexican restaurant!! She drove herself to the hospital and gave birth to sweet baby Mallory. She was a little over 6 lbs. Adorable !

Loved their dog, Maggie!
Mallory had some little scrapes from her journey out of the womb! I am going to see if mom wants them to be gone or stay. Good luck guys!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mass Peeking...

Lots to tell! First of all, thank you to all my wonderful clients for being so patient with me! Things are a little nutty around the Pillow house right now. Scott (hubby) is about to embark on a new adventure! He and a friend are purchasing an established business April 1st. More info after it is all said and done:) Bc of that, I am juggling more than I am used to! Oh, and if anybody has any suggestions on how to get rid of tension headaches- bring it on! I am having a really hard time feeling well bc of them.
UPDATE- Tyler (post below this one) is a big bro!!! His mommy gave birth to a GIRL on saturday! And I get to go see her tomorrow- Yipee! So, you will get to see her within a few days:)
OK- back what you want to see- PICTURES!!! Here is a line up of my sessions this week. There will be no commentary bc the announcer has a few things to finish up bf she is caught up. So, let me say that I had all wonderful sessions this week! If you refer people to me- keep bringing on these amazing families! I have like 10 new friends:) and lots of new beautiful, spirited playmates. Here are your peeks in order shot-

Thursday, March 20, 2008

What a Day...

I traveled to Atlanta to photograph 3 year old, Tyler and mommy (with belly in tow!) Tyler will be a big brother anyday now. Tyler had a blast at the park, running and watching ducks. I will post another tomorrow, but here is one of Tyler being still and watching the ducks- too cute!

Next, I visited with 8 day old Gabrielle. What a sweet baby! Once we got her to sleep, there was not much I could not do with her! I had so much fun with her family. Here is your peek!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another Peek...

I have hit a traffic jam of editing and proofing! I had such a busy weekend bf last (bc of reschedules from the flu) I am up to my little, tired eyeballs!! But, have no fear- Morgan will not be here!! Oh yes, he will have preschool tomorrow and daycare on tues. That means un-interupted work- WAHOO!! So, i apoligize for the delay in getting galleries. I am bustin' a move on them. You will find me at my new fave place to hang with DEEElicious coffee in downtown Villa Rica, Berry and Bean. Love bringing my laptop and not having to worry about changing out the laundry. So, after that long explaination- here is a little peek for Navaeh's mommy bc she will get me if she does not see pics soon! This was shot in low light while mommy and baby were playing in the mirror- too cute.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Adorable 7 Month Old...

Sweet Emma- we had a great time with the smiley munchkin and her fun mom (who just adores her baby)! We had outfit changes, went outside and then decided on a bottle and a nap:) Check out this little angel-

Monday, March 10, 2008

Gorgeous Family...

I had so much fun with this terrific family! Baby Michael is 6 wks old and he is such a great baby. He was wonderful awake and sweet asleep and blew us away when stuck him in a BOWL (at 6 wks!!) That is usually reserved for under 2 wks when they are floppy and curly:) They all were great models. Here are a few from our session-

I wanted to let everybody know that my March is pretty much booked! I have one or 2 things availible depending. If you have a newborn under 2 wks old and want a session- please contact me asap to see if I am availible. Also, I am running 2 wks on the dot for Galleries. I know you want to see them sooner! But, proofing is time consuming and I want to do it right- in addition to being very busy. To add to that- I have finally put Morgan in daycare! He goes to a Mother's Morning Out right now (and will continue until the summer) 2 days a week for 3 hrs.. I LOVE it! But, it is not enought time for me to work. So, I am putting him in 2 days a week. I cannot believe it! He will love it. :) Happy Springtime!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Cute Storyboards...

Just wanted to share some storyboard I did. This will be printed on a 20x20 print with a linen finish, mounted on styrene. How cute!!
This one is for my assistant, Rachel. It will be printed on a 10x20. Rachel has a Black distressed frame from the Saratoga Frame Co that she is putting it in. The frames are handmade, chunky and on the ecclectic side- they are awesome!! The white bordering will not show up on Blog. I need to figure out a way to outline it.

Have a terriffic weekend! I will be headed to the Mart tomorrow and I am VERY excited!!!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

I am WAY Too Excited...

Bc I got an email from BareNaked Ladies (mass, of course) saying that they are releasing a children's album in may! For those of you who do not know them, they did quite a bit on Chicken Little. Including the opening song. I have seen them preform, I think, 5 times or so. They are high energy, HILARIOUS, and super talented. Here is the album cover:
I having trouble with too much TV at our house. The kids ride to Walmart and they want to watch a movie. I have been trying to replace that with music. Hit or miss- depending on their moods:) In stores May 6th

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Look at What I Let Morgan Do Today...

And we wonder why I cannot get work done in a reasonable amount of time. It is bc my son (2 in April) decides to let himself outside and proceeds to RUN through the "creek" we had running through our backyard today. No worries- I was watching him play on the screen porch and saw him go out. I thought I would just watch for awhile...

See- I am a cool mom!!!

Fun Shoot #6...

I had such a fun weekend! And little Madelyn was the icing on the cake. We wandered around downtown Decatur and got some Great stuff. Maddie is 6 mo- such a great age. She is one of Baby Planners- one of her 3 mo shots are in my Blog Banner (on top). Such a cool family! Check out this little doll-

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Busy Weekend...

I had the flu last week and had to cancel 3 appointments. Well, since fri, I have had 5 shoots! 1- newborn, 3- 6monthers and 1- 9 mo. How much fun??!!! We got some great stuff and the weather was AMAZING! Spring fever anyone??
Let's start with Daniel. This beautiful boy decided 3 wks early would be a good time to come. What a lucky little man! He was a darling peanut-
Next up, one of my sweet Baby Planners, Hayes. Hayes has blossomed into one handsome little babe. His two gorgeous sisters were lending us lots of hands. They love their little bro:) Mommy missed out on the last half of shoot (when mean Karen woke him up after a bottle) So these precious faces will be a surprise for her. Can you say GORGEOUS?? And, yes, sisters are just as stunning.
Next up, more 6 mo cuteness! Ethan. I did Ethan's 3 mo pics and was very pleased when I was contacted for the super fun 6 mo shoot! He is such a doll with amazing parents. We shot at Kennesaw- first time there- pretty neat place.Don't you just love the red in the wagon?

Ok, here is someone you will probably recognize- Super Cool, Noah. Noah won my Blog photo contest and mommy was very happy. We needed a neat background to show off the 9 month old WALKER! I decided to throw out an "urban" style session. So, we headed to the good old City of Gold, downtown Villa Rica. Great place- I really recommend it. Well, for a child that will not run from you- since you are mostly on the sidewalk. Here is the precious, blue eyed cutie-

And, now a GIRL! Naveah and her mommy came to the daffodil patch I found. (PS- If you are interested in a mini-session with these daffodils- please email me ASAP) Then we used Lily's pink room to complete her 6 mo photo shoot. I just LOVE her big brown eyes and her sweet little curl on top of her head!
Off to another 6 mo girl tomorrow!! I am having such a great week:)