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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gorgeous Day...

What a wonderful day we had here in GA! The rain is gone and the cool breeziness of Fall is here- well, until we have a random heatwave some in. I have accomplished quite a bit today - very proud:) Tomorrow, I will try the same. I have no shoots tomorrow, so it is house cleaning and picture editing time!! And, now I am sitting at my computer listening to my 3 yr old, Morgan, rustle through his neglected toys at 10:39- as my eyes are crossing. Little guy had a catnap and he is wild! He'd better be settled by the time I get ready to hit the hay...
I have had some great shoots over the past couple of days. 1 of these shoots was FINALLY done after rescheduling 3 times! Weather, sickness and more weather. I am glad we are out of that pattern. Since I am so tired, minimal commentary!
( Bc I know you all come hear to listen to me ramble-right??)
First up, sniff, sniff, Andrew. A one year old graduate of my Baby Planner (not really in existence anymore) Andrew loved walking and was pretty tough when he tumbled. His blue eyes were rarely on me. he had better things to see and do! Well, I got ya kid:) I will miss the little guy- been doing his pics since he was fresh from the hospital!
Next up, a family that is new to me. Of course they have been on the books for awhile and after 3 reschedules, I was anxious to meet Miss Madeline. She is such a tiny, sweet 11 mo old. Mom and Dad warned me she was serious. Boy- was she hard to crack! But when she warmed up- awwwww! (ok, wait... most of you know that I love me some serious faces. I would have been cool either way!) We met at the Atl Botanical Gardens to find it closed (on a monday- I know!) So, we did pics at the entrance and I am sure you will recognise good ol' Piedmont Park. I love putting on entertaining shows for the homeless guys:) Surprised none of them came to help us get smiles!
Thought mom looked pretty here-
Oh- a SMILE!
OK, so I lied about the commentary. I am going to stop there and get in bed with my book. It is now 10:50 and Morgan just snuck in my room and is hiding under the covers. Enough is enough.... why is he so cute? Going to be mean mommy!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Adorable Kiddos...

I went to a visitation for a friend, who's brother was killed in Iraq. It so crazy when you really think about the fact that there are people over there that you know. It seems so surreal until it hits close to home. My heart goes out to K and her family. What a tragic loss. He was a handsome devil too!! So, here it is Friday. I have a live Barenaked Ladies Cd on. And I am trying to get as much work done as I can bf I grab a blue moon and watch my recorded, Bones! the, I have GOT to get in the garage bc we have a neighborhood yardsale tomorrow!!! Have I done anything? Um- of course not! What I did accomplish this week... took adorable pics of these 2:)
Caleb and Isabelle- 2 yrs and 3 months.
I had such a nice time! Now, gotta get back to my editing and orders! Have a great weekend

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


with my face bright red- IT WAS IN MY PURSE!


IF ANYONE WANTS TO CALL IT OVER AND OVER- FEEL FREE! I am going crazy with errands to run, computer work to do and having my kids out of school for the 3rd day!! i need my phone:) Enjoy the sunshine- while it lasts!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blue Eyed Andrew...

In case you are out of state (or out of the country) and have not heard about our wonderful weather and conditions- let me update you. Hmmm.... when did it start raining? Um, forever ago! I think it was Sunday night that I sent a text to hubby, Scott, and told him that we need to build an ark and get the heck out. We should have! We should have hightailed it to FL or somewhere nice bc this state is a disaster! All of the creeks and rivers have flooded, leaving a mess. Our schools have been closed Mon and Tues and just found out that they will be again tomorrow! I guess I can be thankful that the worst I am dealing with is my kids at home all day and us having to boil our drinking water:) So... I was itching to hold my camera. I emailed Andrew's mom and said, "What about tonight?" It was sunny with barely any clouds. She said YES! We have rescheduled 3 times (pretty sure). Little guy will be 1 in 2 months. So, without further ado, here is 10 mo old, Andrew-
We had such a nice, easy shoot. I was revived:) My heart goes out to all that are having a hard time right now. I know that this will be a struggle for most bc insurance does not cover flood damage unless you have flood insurance:(

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I have had a good many newborns lately. So sweet and tiny. I get my baby fix in and get on with my life:) I have to post quickly bc my kids are off the chain- at least they are in good moods and not in front of the tv!
Here is adorable, Mary Palin- I had such a nice time with this new family of 3. The pics turned out so pretty. Dream lighting in a highrise with floor to ceiling windows... ahhh...

Next, Lucas came to see me! We spent a couple of hours in my foyer with crazy weather- rain to shine to cloudy! He is so cute with his red tinted hair! Scott swore he looked like our Morgan when he was a newbie:) Although, Morgan had over 2 pounds on this little guy!!
There is a newborn workshop I want to attend in Tn in Feb. It is $2000- yikes! I feel like I can learn alot... pondering on that one...

Beaming With Pride...

My bff, Kelley, in Cookeville, TN sent me this link of her hubby on a local tv show. The own a casual, american bistro called Maddux Station. This place is their blood, sweat and tears! They have grown to be such a big part of their community and it makes me soo proud. The video is long, but the soup looks great (if you want to try at home!)

Here is their website-
And might I add that the very talented, Sarah Dobbins of Tn did the amazing photos on the site. She really rocks! Here is her site: http://www.sarahdobbins.com/blog/
We have been having such a great weekend! I have gotten a good amt of work done and we have actually had a social life!!! AMAZING! We had dinner at Gabes on Thurs night with some friends and had some old friends over for dinner on Fri night. A miracle that Scott was off on a Fri night! It really sucks that I have had to cancel so many shoots. I am so disappointed:( Although, I am putting a pretty darn big dent in my editing. Maybe I can get ahead bf the Fall season really cranks up!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Since it is a Rainy Day...

I indulged in a few minutes of web surfing:) For some reason, I ended up on Jeff Dollar from the Bert Show on Q100's Blog. I think he is a pretty funny guy, so I checked it out. I found this and it made me smile. What I would give to have Lily in a choir like this!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Rest of the Fab 4...

We had such a neat time at this farm that belongs to the family of their fab babysitter! Such a beautiful place. Here are the rest of the kids' pics-
Oldest, Max, who has a serious side for the camera. You can just see the sweetness oozing from him no matter what face he makes!
Emily, who tends to show her silly side in front of the camera. I had to talk and talk to her to get the sweet side to come out- such a fun girl!
Jack, Wow! What do we all say about Jack? When you know him, he is almost angelic. Hehe- I know there are many of you laughing out there:) But, really, this kid has something about him. The other something is HILARIOUS! He has the best personality and keeps all on their toes:) This might even be a "fake" smile for him. But, I thought it was precious, so I had to post it.
Next up, darling Baby Finley. One of those babies that you can soak up all day. He is so tiny and sweet. This is the biggest smile he has ever given me from the 5 times I have photographed him, so I am excited!!
Here is one last one with the horses-

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Clouds, Clouds- GO AWAY...

Well, as crazy as the weather has been, I have stayed pretty busy. As you are starting to figure out- I like sunshine! Cloudy says are "easier" for shooting, but I would rather have the challenge of the sun bc it makes much nicer images. I just let the dog outside and I feel the dampness in the air- preview of the cloudy morning we will have:( We had a good weekend- I actually sat on the couch and watched the GA/SC game on Sat night. One of my best friends and her son came to stay with us while their daddy was at the game and Scott was working. It felt so good to sit there and relax without my computer! Good game, too:) Poor Ginger came to hang out and she ended up watching my kids twice and even cooked dinner. She did say it was just good to see me and the kids:) Isn't she sweet??? I need all my friends right now bc the busy time is harder than ever. It is so important to know you have a shoulder to lean on:)!! Anyways- I have LOTS to share! My camera has been snapping away. First off- cannot forget our wonderful friends and their 2 little ones. They came for a quick visit from their new home in FL- we miss them dearly! Scott and I are God-parents to little Ayden. It has been many months since we have seen him and Scott and I are just smitten- he is such a doll!!
Here are some shoots that did not get cancelled this week! Little Wyatt- I met him and mom when he was under a week. This time, I had the pleasure of photographing the whole fam. He is such a sweet boy-
Next up, one of my little sweet girls I get to hang with every few months. I have been photographing her fam for almost 2 yrs! Love them so much! Here is serious and seriously adorable Sophia-
we did get some smiles- I realized that I only picked out serious faces!
And now an "out take" from my shoot this morning. I really do not want to call it an out take- I really think it is a perfect pic of these awesome kids! Anyone that knows them are nodding their heads right now:) More tomorrow- Love you guys!!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Hayes and Henry...

Posting these 2 boys together, Hayes- one of my old Baby Planners is 2 yrs old! We had a playdate in his backyard along with their new DAWG, Molly...
We got some great pics! He is super cute, just like his 2 older sisters.
I met a new little friend this morning- 1 yr old, Henry. He stole my heart the moment I saw him! Soo cute! We even shot at a (new!) location where mom and dad got engaged in and had their engagement pics. Isn't that sweet? Such a pretty little place with beautiful light- add Henry- perfect!

Oh Yes, There is a Fourth...

This family gets a whole post to themselves - they have 4 little ones!! I have known mom since Lily was a toddler (when she had 1 child!) Her blog was titled: "Carson, Cain and Carly- Will There Be a Fourth..." Oh, yes, there was! And along came little Camlin:) I know quite a few families with 4 children and I feel like I learn alot from them. For example, this shoot- Mom did not stress over the fact that little Cain wanted nothing to do with me or anybody looking at him-
So, we moved on and let all the kids shine in their own way. She shrugged her shoulders and said, "That's Cain." After hanging with each kid individually, I had the family play a little. I literally jumped up and down with a couple images of Cain SMILING!
If we had pushed the issue, he prob would have shut down totally. I am so glad we went with the flow and let everyone shine in their own time!! Here is the rest of the crew-
Carson, the rocker-
Carly, the only girl!
And the newest addition, Camlin-
And look- everybody is looking! A little chocolate cookie on the faces, but looking! Scott, might I add, you are looking really cool and intimidating here!!
Thanks guys!! Had a blast! So nice to meet Mr and Mrs S:)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Darling Baby Adelyn...

What a little doll that came to me this morning! And a beautiful mommy! I cannot wait to meet big brother, too. 4 mo is always a funny age- you never know how they will act- happy, curious, tired or hungry! Or all of the above...
We lost her a couple of times, but with a feeding and a couple of scenery changes- I am certain mom will love them! Did I say how precious she was????
It was so great to meet you guys!!