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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gorgeous Day...

What a wonderful day we had here in GA! The rain is gone and the cool breeziness of Fall is here- well, until we have a random heatwave some in. I have accomplished quite a bit today - very proud:) Tomorrow, I will try the same. I have no shoots tomorrow, so it is house cleaning and picture editing time!! And, now I am sitting at my computer listening to my 3 yr old, Morgan, rustle through his neglected toys at 10:39- as my eyes are crossing. Little guy had a catnap and he is wild! He'd better be settled by the time I get ready to hit the hay...
I have had some great shoots over the past couple of days. 1 of these shoots was FINALLY done after rescheduling 3 times! Weather, sickness and more weather. I am glad we are out of that pattern. Since I am so tired, minimal commentary!
( Bc I know you all come hear to listen to me ramble-right??)
First up, sniff, sniff, Andrew. A one year old graduate of my Baby Planner (not really in existence anymore) Andrew loved walking and was pretty tough when he tumbled. His blue eyes were rarely on me. he had better things to see and do! Well, I got ya kid:) I will miss the little guy- been doing his pics since he was fresh from the hospital!
Next up, a family that is new to me. Of course they have been on the books for awhile and after 3 reschedules, I was anxious to meet Miss Madeline. She is such a tiny, sweet 11 mo old. Mom and Dad warned me she was serious. Boy- was she hard to crack! But when she warmed up- awwwww! (ok, wait... most of you know that I love me some serious faces. I would have been cool either way!) We met at the Atl Botanical Gardens to find it closed (on a monday- I know!) So, we did pics at the entrance and I am sure you will recognise good ol' Piedmont Park. I love putting on entertaining shows for the homeless guys:) Surprised none of them came to help us get smiles!
Thought mom looked pretty here-
Oh- a SMILE!
OK, so I lied about the commentary. I am going to stop there and get in bed with my book. It is now 10:50 and Morgan just snuck in my room and is hiding under the covers. Enough is enough.... why is he so cute? Going to be mean mommy!

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Liberty said...

Great shots!!! Andrew is so big!!