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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Baby Nora

Introducing my new cousin, Nora Madeline Cutler. She is such a sweet doll! Nora is a very exciting addition to our family. Her grandparents, Mop and Pop, are so smitten with her that they cannot stand it! (PS- check them out in the camping chairs watching our photoshoot) Nora was very in tune with her Mommy's and Daddy's voice, turning and looking at them with such curiosity. And you know that Daddy is comfortable when he is holding you with a sweet smile on his face when you are crying. So here she is in her newly made nursery in her late Great Grammy's house that she will now call home.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Porcelain Hailey...

Porcelain Hailey...

This 11 week old cutie has the most beautiful skin! I told her mom that I had a hard time making any of her proofs b/w bc her skin tone looked so great in color. Usually, I prefer b/w and have to opposite problem. Hailey was such a sweet model- with the sweetest, content faces. We tried to get a smile, but she was just too laid back! She was a trooper, worn out by the time we were finished. Hope to see more of Hailey in the future...
PS- She had the coolest, well made bedding and curtains that her aunt made for her. (Not in any of these pics) I hear she is starting up her own business, so I will keep tabs on that!! Really neat stuff!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Avery "Reese"...

Here she is- Kelley and Jeff's little cutie!! (Kelley's maternity pics are a previous post) Oh my, she is a doll. Scott and I could not get over how tiny she seemed, especially in comparison to our 9 lbs 6 oz Morgan ( I know- huge for me!) Anyways, any baby, especially a 7 pounder looks tiny to us now. Reese was a doll baby, sleeping in her Mommy and Daddy's arms until I was ready for a change- something "nakeder" and cozier. So we moved into Kelley and Jeff's beautiful bedroom and took off her clothes. She did really well being naked for awhile, but the pacifier had to make an appearance. Enjoy-

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New Options...

I am adding a few new options to your print ordering. I am adding prints with a built in border- color or black or white. Also, I am adding "Creations," a group of images on one print. I do not have prices ready yet, so just let me know if you are interested!

Bella and her mom came to my house to finish up a shoot that we had started before Xmas. We had done their card shot and tried some stuff indoors, but bc of low light, I decided to reshoot. These turned out adorable! They really captured energetic, wonderfully talkative Bella! The little 2 yr old is going to be a big sis to a girl baby in March. Joy is such a beautiful mother and I just love taking pictures of them- enjoy...

PS- I am headed to Kelley and Jeff's house today to take pictures of their tiny Reese! Stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Fun Maternity Session...

I had a blast with this couple. Mom to be is actually an old sorrority sister from college. We kept running into eachother out and about and she called me to photograph she and her husband and her baby boy belly. Allison had her grandmother make her great "toga" dress and it looked great. I will have to rig my own toga for future mommies. I thought these were neatest maternity shots I have done so far in the studio- and of course it helps to have fabulous models! I got an email from Allison after she saw her pictures telling me that she loved them and was proud of them. That, along with a joke about how she wanted her old arms back, made me smile. I am proud to have captured that moment for them. Believe me, I remember not feeling so cute. But I am glad to have pictures to help me remember those moments and know that I was cuter than I felt like!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Portraits by Lily!!!!

Lily wanted to shoot a few pics of Morgan and I. She would not stop- and I am glad. Although I had to crop them, they turned out awesome! She did not show much pride when viewing them, but I am proud enough for the both of us.