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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Attention Rosy Rabbits...

Your gallery is under the Client Galleries on the right. Just scroll down! Hoep you and your families are having a great new year. :)


the weather is blah.... But we still have fun making beautiful pictures! Feb is my slowest month and I need to pump it up! So, here is a special "Blog Offer" I have a certain amount of these cards I am giving. I have 2 to offer online. So, the first 2 people to book can get $15 off. These are for NEW Maternity and Baby (under 1) only who are booking in Feb or March. Please remember that I charge a travel fee to go outside the Carroll/Douglas area:) But this could cover that!

I wanted to share this email I got last night from Eli's mom. It made me smile! I just love getting great feedback from my clients! It is a HUGE part of what keeps me going.

"Karen-the pictures are so amazing. That second one is absolutely gorgeous! If this is only a peek, I cant imagine how many great pictures you must have gotten!I already want you to come back when he starts standing up and we can do some outside shots :)Thanks again you made the experience so wonderful for us."

I am expecting the spring to fill up pretty fast from talking to clients, so if you are wanting a spring session in March or April- go ahead and book:)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just Realized...

That I did not post Eli's pics from today! I promised mom and dad some peeks! Eli is just now 5 mo and he is sitting! He was such a doll. It was nice to catch up with mom too- she is an old college friend:) Hope you like them!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sweet Babies...

Hailey is sitting up and Nathan is holding his head high and rolling over. These babies are growing! And that is what I love seeing. I have photographed both these precious babes as newborns. Last time I saw Hailey, she was UNDER 5 pounds! Here she is at 6 months-

I just LOVE this shot with Mom-
And 4 mo old Nathan- what a doll! He is the son of my assistant, Rachel.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Contest Has Ended...

And the 1st place Winner is ..... Noah- Picture B!

Way to go little cutie. Noah is a Baby Planner of mine, so you will see more of those sweet blue eyes in the future:)
Ok, the Runner Up goes to... Emily- Picture Q!

This picture has inspired many moms to put their wedding dresses on their little girls! Emily's mom came up with the idea and labeled it "cheesy" Um, nope, not cheesy! I have had many a moms decide to do it when their little princess is big enough. And, boy, can i tell you how special beautiful Emily felt in that dress??
Congrats guys!
And thank you for voting. Hopefully, this has brought more people to the PictureLily Blog to stay and keep up with the nutty photographer:) I had a wonderful 6 mo session that I will share tomorrow. I am photographing my friend/assistant (Rachel)'s family tomorrow! So, make sure and check back. And, also to anyone who has galleries out from 2007. let me know as soon as your orders are ready. I am ready to clear the galleries! Another thing, For anyone who has a session with me in the future, I am taking 2 weeks to have Galleries posted. This way i can concentrate and not rush on editing your images:) Thank you!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Little Peeks...

Here are a few peeks of little Thomas(born right bf Christmas) and one year old, Hudson. I met with Hudson yesterday. We played in the yard until our hands were red and frozen. We wore him out! So, we chilled in their playroom with a snack and some peeks out the window. I had fun and I hope Hudson had a great nap!
The contest is still running until Sunday night. Monday morning will hold the winners! Remember the rules- Do not vote for your child and only vote one time! Thanks for participating:)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


In GA???? In January? Yep! I got home from my session with one year old, Hudson and I heard screaming in the backyard. Good screaming:)
Here are some of the most favorite shots I have gotten of my children: Click on it!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

27 People...

WOW! When I checked my email this morning- it said Inbox- 33 mgs

Alright, M., you have brought some traffic! Love ya for it! I just have to say that all these people/children in these photographs are amazing and beautiful! I wish I had time to sit down and write about each one (more than I do in my Blog) Keep voting! And if you have NO idea what I am talking about- keep reading down the Blog.

I came across this shot as I was editing. I had to share, even though I just shared 2 shots of their sweet girl. They are the Maternity Couple in the contest. I just love this shot and I hope they will too. This is MY idea of a family portrait- LOVE.

And I just have to say that Lily is fast asleep and it is 8:08! Scott and I are very proud:)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Here Are the Peeks...

First, a sweet family that recently got "hitched!" We had a tight schedule with one of the children heading back home. So, I brought my lights one night and we just "faked" the light. I just love this first shot.

Next, my newest Baby Planner! This precious wiggle worm was only a week old- perfect! We had such a good time and YES, I am going to tell how she pooped 4 times when we had her naked. Extremely funny!

Here are 2 that I love:

Next, Birthday Boy Cooper

A little cake shot peek:
Keep Reading for Contest:)

Here They Are...

I am going to label them A, B, C etc.. To VOTE: Keep scrolling until you see comments and click. You do not have to sign in. Use the Nickname or Anonymous Option
RULES: Don't vote for yourself and please only vote one time and feel free to let me know who you are and leave any comments. Just vote for your fave! Here we go!






Contest is Coming Up Soon...

What a great weekend I had! I photographed a first bday party on Saturday and got some rest, work and family time all in today. I will have some adorable pics of one year old Cooper to share- I know his mommy is anxious to see. I will have those along with one from a newly married Family and sweet newborn girl - who is our newest Baby Planner! So, we will get to watch her grow up.
Alright- if you have not submitted your fave image that I have done- get it in!!! Email me with the number. I want to have them up bf i go to bed. Stay tuned!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Why I Do Not Like Morgan to Color :) ...

Some of you may remember the pics I took of Morgan painting outside. For some reason, the child thinks he has to be colored as well! He also insists on markers (like his big sis). I was making dinner and he had his back to me- hmm... let's not do that again!

Ok, So I have NOT gotten my website updated- which is really bothering me. I am going to call a friend and get a little help. So, my 2008 prices are located on the right side of this Blog. These prices only apply to 2008 sittings. One thing I did not include in the list is the Proofs. In the $55 sitting fee, I am adding 10 free 4x6 proofs of your choice. This will replace my $1 proofs, yet still give you some to put in scrapbooks or pass to family members. After that, all 4x6s will be $3 each.

And for the contest, I have recieved many entries. My cutoff is Sunday night. I will post them on sunday night and run the contest all of next week. Oh, and I got my business cards in the mail today!! Here is what they look like:

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I have been taking this week to get things organized and ready for the new year. I have ordered new envelopes and stickers and business cards!!! So exciting. I have a shoot tonight and a NEWBORN on friday!!! I also have another NEWBORN on monday! One boy and one girl. If you have not checked your email and responded to Rachel- so do me a favor and send her an email with all your info. She has made me this amazing spreadsheet with all my clients inof on it. I will say, in my defense, I had a spreadsheet. It just lacked some information that I had in my head- but, my head cannot hold everything!

I have recieved many entries for the Fave Image Contest. Still looking for more! Remember- the winner gets a free 8x10 and runner up gets a 5x7.

Have to share a pic- just a snapshot of Lily. I have to point out a few things:
1. Notice the dress acting as a skirt on Lil.
2. Notice my fave striped tights under the "skirt"
3. Notice the baby is wearing a "dress" made of Lily's skirt.
She was so proud of this and she wanted a picture. How cute!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Updates and a Contest...

Hello! Welcome to many new Blog readers:) I am so excited for 2008! It is going to be an amazing year! Well, I finally have official help. I have "hired" my friend, Rachel to be the first PictureLily employee. She will be helping me organize, load galleries, organize orders and some other fun things. This will help so much. We are headed to SC to have Xmas with my mother's side of the family. I will be checking email, just not as often.

I have a Blog contest! I need all of my clients to email me with their fave image #. I will post these images and hold a contest for the Blog readers fave! The first place winner will get a free 8x10 and the second place will get a 5x7 from an old or future session. So, calling all clients!!

Here are 2 recent faves of my 2- Lily (4 yrs) Morgan (20 mo)