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Friday, November 10, 2006

Love the fall...

Here are some fall family shots- did these in the family's backyard. I love doing these! This family lives far from their family, so I think this is really nice to have to share with grandparents, etc.. We are making Holiday cards to send off and show off their adorable family!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy Fall!

Yesterday we visited a friend whose home I use frequently for pictures. The leaves were gorgeous! So, Scott and I dragged the kids out there today in the freezing wind. Lily did not like it at all and Morgan was a trooper! Scott got to see what my job is like- he was complaining and saying things like this won't work. I had to pretend they were not my children and stay patient! Parents always say they don't know how I do it, but if it was always easy to get a great picture- what fun would that be???? So, here are our little cuties!!!!! I sure hope more of you call me bf the leaves fall off of these trees!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Morgan 5 months!!!

He is sitting up so well. It has been a fun 5 months! Enjoy-

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Violeta is Scott's best friend (since elementary school) Alex's wife. We have become friends over the years and I just love her! She has a terrific little girl named Carla from her first marriage and they have 2 yr old Ethan together. Now, Violeta is due with her second boy in October. We shot a few pics at their home after her shower today. It was pouring down rain, so I had no help with natural lighting, but at least I had my lights! We were laughing because the only backdrop we really had was blinds- oh well, they turned out cute!!!

Saturday, September 23, 2006


We went upstairs yesterday to put Morgan's swing away (sad) and Lily wanted me to take a picture of her with my "big lights." Of course, half of the room is filled with junk! I did not have anything really set up so my lights were really close to the background. But, I humored her and came out with an adorable picture! I need to get Morgan up here. He is starting to have his balance sitting up. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Living Room Light

I love the light in our living room. We have a huge window above our front door that acts like a skylight, letting soft, filtered light in the morning and a warm, strong ray in the afternoon. I took this pic of Morgan hanging out with Bailey in the morning and "Princess" Lily in the afternoon. It is fun playing with the light in the house except somebody is always in front of the "ugly chair!" And I sure do get tired of the carpet!! I hope everyone is enjoying fall. Morgan is 5 months today and I caught a glimpse of the first tooth poking through. So this explains a few things! He is growing up way fast...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


On Labor Day weekend, we traveled to Nashville for Libby's first birthday. Libby is my best friend Kelley's little girl. She is absolutely adorable. We had such a good time visiting. It is funny when you and your best friend, whom you went off to college with, finally catch up to one another in life. Although, Kelley has far more difficult dreams to achieve (getting her P.A.) there is still that knowing that we can understand each other's problems. I helped listen to her while she was trying to get Libby on a sleeping schedule bf she had to go back to work. I am now very jealous of how perfect Libby is sleeping and I am still calling her for Morgan's sleeping issues. It is just very hard being 4.5 hrs away! We are a case that goes to show, if you care about someone so much- no matter where you are in life...Keep in touch and never stop caring about that person. A special friendship like we have is so important! Here is Libby's one year shot along with a sweet family moment....

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


This little cutie belongs to one of my oldest friends, Leigh and her husband Darren. I went to Gwinnett to see Blake and Leigh when he was less than a week old. He and Leigh were terrific models. In fact, he stayed awake the whole time! It took a lot of convincing to get him to fall asleep for his sleeping pictures. I loved his nursery- beautiful place to photograph in!


Here is my first complete Pregnant to Newborn shoot! I recently had some postcards printed using these pictures. This is actually Scott's cousin Keisha. She has an adorable 2 yr old named Kendal. Keisha and her husband, Tim, had their second on August 4th. Tanner Micheal Morris was almost 9 pounds, yet he had the sweetest new baby face! I have found my "niche." I absolutely LOVE going to the baby's room with window and a studio light and taking pics with their personal things. I have done quite a few of these over the years and find myself enjoying them even more now that I have Morgan. I guess it is the not wanting to let go of the baby stage! More of these type pictures to come.....

Hello! I have decided to do the "blog." I find myself emailing images from a shoot or of the kids to share and get feedback. I don't have a website yet- so here is my blog! We are adapting well to the 3 yr old preschool this year. Having 2 kids is a challange, but I am hanging on well. I hope you all enjoy my pictures. Have a great day!!