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Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Faves From the Weekend...

There were many taken and many favorites:) Lots of good shoots...


WHEW! yes, I have been busy and this coming week is even busier! I have added a new lens to my bag. Any photography junkies- it is a prime lens. I figured out I do not "zoom" very often, I just move. So, I just got the 1.8 85mm nikon lens and it is ROCKIN' LOVE IT! I have to remember to give myself more distance bc I was only using a 17-55mm 2.8. Very excited! Next to add to the bag is a macro for my tiny newborns:)
***I wanted to let everybody know that I will be taking more time on galleries. Not only do I have a busy shooting schedule to accommodate people in this perfect weather, but my loves, my kids are out of school. I can only ship them off so much and can only confine them to the TV or their rooms so much. I appreciate your understanding.
I am late blogging, so i apologize to all the mommies out there hitting the refresh button:) My sis and her hubby of 3 yrs have decided to add to their family (they live next door) Take a look at this sweet, un-named gal-

She is 8 mo and so sweet. She is a German Shepard of some sort, but small. I think she will fit into the family well! (as long as she does not mess up anymore carpet!) ANY NAME SUGGESTIONS APPRECIATED!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Cute Maternity...

I had the most adorable preggo mom last night. They have a precious 14 mo old named Anna Claire (pardon me, if the spelling is off) I got some beautiful shots of mom on her bed and some sweet, fun shots together. I just love what we got and cannot wait to meet Anna's little brother in 7 wks or less!! Nice to meet you guys:)
Doesn't she look amazing?

The whole fam-

And Anna Claire, whose blond curls, blue eyes and fun personality made me love her!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Aren't They Beautiful???

My little angels! (hah!!)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Haley is 1...

I love seeing clients that I have not seen in awhile. I met Haley when she was in mom's tummy over a year ago. I did her newborn pics and announcements. A year later, mom calls asking me to do her 1 yr shots and with a bit of news... baby #3 is in the oven!! They already have 2 BEAUTIFUL girls- cannot wait to see who is next:) Haley was so much fun. She had lots of energy and no fear. Mom warned me she was not a camera girl- I think I beg to differ!!! What an adorable child!! Thanks guys- nice to see you again.

I spent my holiday weekend locked in the house with the kids- my butt plastered to this chair. I edited and revamped a few things. I have an amazingly busy week next week since it has decided to rain like EVERYDAY! SO frustrating!! Looking forward to next week- fun clients and lots O' sunshine! G'night!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Oldie, but Goodie...

I am starting to get emails in for the REPRINT SPECIAL. I am revisiting old galleries- it was just last year, but seems forever away! Especially this little guy and his sis. Here is Barrett as a newborn with his big sis. I LOVE these pics- thought I would share. I just did Barrett's 1 yr shots. Click here.
Remember, orders MUST be in by JUNE 5TH!!!!

Oh! These pics just reminded me- I have 4 babies due in June and 2 in August. I am currently accepting newborns shoots for July and August, but I am not able to commit to any new 1 yr Baby Plans at this time. You may book your appointments, but they will be treated as first come, first serve. I do this out of respect to my current Baby Planners and my schedule:)

Friday, May 22, 2009


**just email me with your order or questions**

Look at These Handsome Fellas...

I have known their mommy for a long time. Always cool to see someone you knew as a teenager being a mom. So, I was warned that the little one would give me a run for my money... SO TRUE! He was hilarious! The kid would run and not stop, even though he was in weeds above his head! I feel like we got some terrific shots and got what mom was looking for. Half the shots I got were out of focus or blurry!! What fun they were:) Now that I have scared mom- check them out!

And, I figured out why Morgan was crying- can you guess??? EARS! I finally got him to snuggle and he started covering his ears and admitted they hurt- pretty bad:( And, today- what did I wake up with??? PINK EYE, YUCKY NOSE AND EAR INFECTION!!! Hello??? Today is the last day of school and I had to send Scott alone to the school for the award ceremony for Lil. Poor girl- she will so disappointed when her last day of school turns into movie and rest day!!
So, I have a few things I am working on...
I have a set of clients that have threatened to BUG me about Fall Mini-sessions for holiday cards. Bring it on! I need some pushing. These things are a little bit of a pain to set up, but they will be so worth it! One location, multiple families scheduled in 20 min (or so) time slots and a mini gallery for all your holiday needs. I will probably wrap the first pack of cards into the sitting fee. This will help my schedule and allow me to take on more fa miles. I usually have mt Fall calendar up by August. I might have to close off new clients until I have everything situated to make sure I get my Baby planners and current clients taken care of. Don't panic yet- I have to make it through the spring, first!!
Also, I am about to run a special on all 2008 shoots... So, think about if you need or want anything (including a GREAT deal on BIG prints!!!) and be ready. I will put any galleries back up for those who need them. Remember, that the image number is printed on the back of your prints. Back to editing!!
PS- thanks girls, for my comments!! I feel loved, now:)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Was Behind...

and now I am trying to get ahead. By 1 day:) Sorry to the moms waiting on their peeks. We had a mild pink eye run through the kids this week. Apparently, pink eye was invented to make wild kids that cannot go to school:) I was having to herd them like sheep. Not hard for me to get behind- add that in the mix...
I want to stay ahead, so I am not going to bore you with any commentary tonight. My background music (that I am listening to) is Morgan crying. Oh yes, he woke up and will not stop crying, even when I comfort him... I have learned in my wise old age- if I cannot comfort them and they will cry anyways, leave them be, unless they really want you. In this case, he is crying less now that I am out of the room. Poor guy, I think he is so tired- he and Lily decided it would be cool to wake and stay up 2 hrs earlier than usual:( Ok, yes, pictures...
Here we go!

Thanks for looking! Oh, and I have had like NO comments lately- are ya'll there?????

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oh Yes, It Changed...

I know how it is- keep on checking blog over and over and the same old post pops up- sucks! I know a couple of mamas that have probably been sitting on the refresh button all weekend to see their little angels's pics!! Lazy ol' Karen, not posting:) I WISH! We have been SO busy. Shoots, editing, a couple of personal catastrophes and my personal fave- my kids!!! So, without further ado- may I present some of my most wonderful clients....
Meet Hatcher and Aiden- 2 little cuties that kept me running. We went to the lake and had a fun "boy" shoot. I really love how these came out.

Too cute- these brothers are so close:)

The whole family! I had a difficult time getting all of them to smile at the same time. When all else fails- TICKLE!!!

It was so nice to finally meet you guys!!!
Well, another grows up. One of my baby planners has gone and turned 1. This sweet family has been with me since her 3 month shoot. We had such a great shoot- check out the little cutie-
Mom and Dad have a wall of large BW pics and I always keep in mind the next to add to their collection...

LOVE the Frankenstein walk!

i have 2 more to share, but I have got to go make dinner! Lily has just threatened to make herself a PB&J.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I had the pleasure of meeting 6 month old, KJ and his sweet parents this morning. Little guy was so cute and so chilled! Daddy had a way to get the smiles out of him quick! So, while mom and I would be making ear shrieking noises, dad would run over from whatever he was doing and make KJ smile. We took advantage of this once per pose:) What a great family! Here is the fun little guy with his awesome smile (in his precious birthday suit!)-

I am a huge fan of the "what the heck are we doing out here" look (very common for 6 monthers)-

Mom liked my famous chair. So did KJ-

Such a great family to spend my morning with. Thanks, guys!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Fun, Little Guy...

Little Barrett and his mommy are always so much fun to be around. He is such a smiley baby! We stomped around downtown Powder Springs for our shoot today. Lots of little nooks and crannies in the cute, old downtown. I will leave you with the pics of the sweet 1 yr old and I am off to hang with my hubby (who is actually home bf midnight!) and watch the finale of HOUSE!!!
Little GQ-

Love this smile!

Sweet back shot with Daddy's wagon-

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day...

The natives are restless, but i wanted to get Carsyn's pics up bf I really started my day:) How sweet is 10 mo old, Carsyn?? Such a cutie pie! I am loving the color with the grass and the tutu!!! Hope all you moms are having a great day!