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Friday, May 22, 2009

Look at These Handsome Fellas...

I have known their mommy for a long time. Always cool to see someone you knew as a teenager being a mom. So, I was warned that the little one would give me a run for my money... SO TRUE! He was hilarious! The kid would run and not stop, even though he was in weeds above his head! I feel like we got some terrific shots and got what mom was looking for. Half the shots I got were out of focus or blurry!! What fun they were:) Now that I have scared mom- check them out!

And, I figured out why Morgan was crying- can you guess??? EARS! I finally got him to snuggle and he started covering his ears and admitted they hurt- pretty bad:( And, today- what did I wake up with??? PINK EYE, YUCKY NOSE AND EAR INFECTION!!! Hello??? Today is the last day of school and I had to send Scott alone to the school for the award ceremony for Lil. Poor girl- she will so disappointed when her last day of school turns into movie and rest day!!
So, I have a few things I am working on...
I have a set of clients that have threatened to BUG me about Fall Mini-sessions for holiday cards. Bring it on! I need some pushing. These things are a little bit of a pain to set up, but they will be so worth it! One location, multiple families scheduled in 20 min (or so) time slots and a mini gallery for all your holiday needs. I will probably wrap the first pack of cards into the sitting fee. This will help my schedule and allow me to take on more fa miles. I usually have mt Fall calendar up by August. I might have to close off new clients until I have everything situated to make sure I get my Baby planners and current clients taken care of. Don't panic yet- I have to make it through the spring, first!!
Also, I am about to run a special on all 2008 shoots... So, think about if you need or want anything (including a GREAT deal on BIG prints!!!) and be ready. I will put any galleries back up for those who need them. Remember, that the image number is printed on the back of your prints. Back to editing!!
PS- thanks girls, for my comments!! I feel loved, now:)

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