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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Some 1 Year Old Cuteness...

I met our friends at Grant Park to document little Haley's first Bday. I think we did a great job! Instead of hitting the park, we walked around on the sidewalks. I love doing this! You find cute little nooks and crannies and can stare at the wonderful renovated homes!! Haley had a ball climbing people's stairs, practicing her fast walk on the sidewalks and watching all the cool people out walking their dogs. Want a session there? OK! I am in! I want to check out the Zoo side next time. Here are a few of Haley-

LOVE the last one- I am very suprised the owners did come out to see what we were doing!!

SOOOO- I JUST made my new logo! It may change a little, since it is midnight and I am a little crosseyed. It is not perfect- hmmm.... like me?? The flower was my first attempt and I like it:) What do you think? (remember that the lovely Blogger makes my colors a little dull- isn't that nice of them?)
Hope everyone had a great weekend!! I should have taken a pic of my kitchen table awhile ago- full of prints! I am packing them up and praying I can get all shipped out bf our trip! (it will happen:))

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things...

I had the pleasure of shooting pics of sweet, Reese and her cousin, Emma Kate, today. We met at a friend of the family's BEAUTIFUL home. Straight out of Southern Living:) Thank you so much for having us! (Can I come back??- hehe) I have not seen Reese since she was a tiny newborn- look at her now!!

Isn't she a dollbaby!!?? And her 2.5 yr old cuz- she wanted to have her picture made!

Now, a few to add to my session at the covered bridge-
I just love this shot of Ben. He loves to tell "ghost stories!" He has such a big personality, so full of imagination and energy. This shot just freezes the little boy in him, I feel.
And James, such a peaceful, cuddly baby.
And beautiful mama and her boys:)
I have had a crazy week! Lily turned 5! My Mimi and Pops came to visit. (to add- we went to Gabe's Downtown in Villa Rica and had an awesome dinner!)
And I have been trying really hard to get all orders out the door since we are leaving town in a week. I had a rush come in!

Friday, June 27, 2008

QUICK Post...

I had an awesome session yesterday with Ben (2.5 ys) and James (10 mo) at a covered bridge in Roswell. I have so many I love and I will share more tomorrow, but wanted to get one up quicker for Mom! Here are the sweet boys - decked out like little cowboys:)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Lots to Share...

This has been a terrific week for me! I had marked out to go to FL and we decided not to go. I realized i needed time to get caught up and needed to spend some quality time with the kids. I feel like all I ever do is shuffle them around, so I can go work or get work done. Great week.
I took some friends out to document their first "child!" Rowdy was a bit of a challenge for me- I am not the best pet photographer, but I think we did pretty darn good! Check out their CUTE fam-
I experimented with a little sunflare- pretty cool!
Next, one of my Baby Planners- Tyler. Tyler is a 3 mo cutie! As is with most 3 mo sessions, we had to work hard for a smile! We got some really great shots- here are a few-
And, I had to crop one as a rectangle- a new obsession! i think I like rectangles and squares bc it crops out empty space.
Lily's 5th Bday is thurs! I am trying to get some pics of her, but she is the most difficult child to photograph! Maybe I am too picky??? Here are a few of the kids
Hope you are having a great summer!! if you have a gallery out and have not ordered- try to do that soon! We are headed to the wonderful world of Disney July 6th. I am trying to be ahead of the game:)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

While the Daddy is Watching Golf...

I am going to post (and sneak in a little editing!) i hope you all had a nice Father's Day. Our was nice, did Home Depot, Walmart and Mexican as a fam and then went and attempted some family pictures- hehe! How about some of the children? I have been imagining a long horizontal rectangle over our bed of the kids and I FINALLY got it!

You might be able to click on it to see it bigger. That is a daisy over Morgan's mouth. I am wanting to do more of these evening sessions in the field- if anyone is interested. The children will probably need to ba at least 3 or so.

Onto my last session with Ryan- almost 2. She is seriously smart and an excellent talker. I was very impressed! Her mother calls her "solemn" I think she is just careful on how she lets loose. She is cautious and sweet. We had to wait the rain out at Grant Park and mom pulled out her cute little rain coat- nice pop of color. I love her eyes in the first shot! The second was along the sidewalk in the Grant Park residential area- great spot!

Ryan- I hope your potty trip was sucessful. We got some wonderful shots of you:)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Pretty Averi, Handsome Barrett...

I met Averi and Barrett about a month ago. Adorable, sweet kids! We got the fam together for a little photo session. We got some really cute shots-
Now that is what I call a family shot! I just think it is much more personable and fun! Tomorrow morning, I am off to Grant Park to have a playdate with a 2 year old girl. Bringing my running shoes just in case:) (ok, maybe my mary jane Crocs!) Can't wait!

Monday, June 09, 2008

9 Month Old Dollbaby...

Sweet Ella Reese! Her eyes were so pretty and I cannot even tell you what color they are. She was dressed to the "T, " as her mom owns the boutique, "The Funky Monkey" in Carrollton. I have not been there yet, but will be checking it out:) I just love how her pictures turned out. We had a great, sweaty time in the good ol' VR. I might have to adjust my 9:00 shoots to 8:30????
Take a peek-

Sunday, June 08, 2008

I Think We Finally Got It....

Ellie needs her pics done early! Ellie is the 9 mo old daughter of some good friends from highschool/college. They now live in FL and drive up to our old stomping grounds in Snellville- where I meet them for Ellie's photo shoots. So, little Ellie has to adjust to traveling AND adjust to whatever silly situation we put her in- not easy!!! We met at the park at 8:30 and we got some sweet faces and smiles:) She is such a doll. I had a little cold, so I did not want to squeeze her, but these shots make me want to squeeze her now!!!
A little vintage and a little "all american!"
**PS- Blogger takes alot of the color out of my shots- really bothering me:(
Hope you guys had a great weekend! Loved seeing you again:)

Friday, June 06, 2008

Beautiful Boys+ Beautiful Locations= Beautiful Pictures...

I just love these pics! The first are my business card boys-
Well, they have grown!
They were so much fun!
And I had a blast with this beautiful fam at mom's grandparents farm! Will will be 1 this weekend and I was honored to catch the sweet "1 yr old" memories!
I am so digging this location- gotta go again! The lake had the most beautiful light, so the reflection of the trees was just like a mirror.
For all you mom and dads with fast, moblie children- this is usually how a session goes! It may wear you out, but it is sooo worth it!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Happy Bday...

Literally, Birth- day for Hudson and birthday for Abby!
I visited Conrad and his new brother ( and my new baby planner!) for Hudson's first photoshoot. Hudson was a 10 pound baby! He is so cute! That chubby little belly:)
he reminds me so much of my Morgan. Check out the sweet big bro- he is so adorable. I love the last shot- It says welcome to my crazy life of 2 kids!!
I went to see little Abby to document her turning 1. Her mom told me on the phone that had curly hair and I just knew she would be so cute... and she was!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

2 Sweet, Little Baby Planners...

Here is 1 yr old, Noah. This was the handsome little guy's last Baby Session with me:( He is such a doll and I will miss him and his cool parents. I hope he will come back and see me!
Mom has ordered a canvas from each session. I love the first color bc it shows such a sweet face, plus him standing. Would be really cute!
Next up is Jackson. We did Jackson's 6th month session in his 7th month, which is common in order to perfect sitting. He was a ball!! We went to his gorgeous, new home and played around in every room. I am using a new crop to show you some different things you can do with your images. I am LOVING long rectangles, so here are 2 examples-
LONG up and downand wide
I bet you have a space or 2 that a long rectangle will look fabulous in:) I know I have about 10!!
#1. To have your galleries up usually takes me about 2 weeks. I am asking for 2-3 weeks this summer bc of school being out and I have my children home alot more! This helps me to pay attention to your gallery and make it perfect for you! Thanks for your understanding.
#2. As you know, I am not accepting new clients at this time. If I have taken pictures for you bf and you are wanting a June or July session, please contact me ASAP. I am filling with you (my clients) first and then adding new clients in. I really want to make sure my clients are taken care of:) If you are able to do weekdays, I strongly suggest being open to that, since weekends go fast. IF YOU ARE A NEW CLIENT WANTING A SESSION: please email me your info and what you are wanting, so I can put you on our waiting list.
Thank you all so much for helping aid in my success! I love you guys:)