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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Behind on Posting...

I have had so many sessions! I will just post a few from my most recent, so the families can have a little peek. I am Finally caught up on galleries and they should be ready at your 2 wk mark or less. I am now, trying to get ahead, so we will not rush for xmas. Wishing you good health in this sickly season (I am so sick- bad sinus!) Enjoy-

First, these sweet/ fun brothers!!! And, my awesome neighbors-my kid's future spouses!!!
Hmmm.. . Lily McKlesky- sounds good! Isn't he handsome? And his cut-tee sis on the swings- we did get some smiles from her- just saving them!Now, for my friend, Jessi's PRECIOUS boys. Ty and Andrew- can you say awwww???

Are you diggin' the light?? It is my favorite trick- pull a chair (or my beanbag) into foyer and open front door! Perfect!

Next, it pains me to say- teenagers! These Bro/Sis - cousins were clients in my first year of shooting. They were brave to call me again!! I cannot believe how big they are now!

Oh, Ellie! What a doll my old friends (from highschool and college) 3 mo old is! I met them at Grandma's house for a fun and sleepy photo shoot. Great to meet you, Ellie! I cannot wait for your 6 mo.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving...

Quick post to say I am in Myrtle Beach with ALL my family! We are planning on having a blast with 79 friends and family members! But, when I am not having a blast, I will be on my computer working. I have many sneek peeks to post and tons of galleries to catch up on. So, if you are one of these- please be patient with me!!!:) Feel free to drop me an email if you need anything picturelily@bellsouth.net and have a terrific Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Adventure in the City...

I had an absolute blast with 8 mo Baby Vegas and his super cool mommy and daddy. They are new to Atl. We did their session at Piedmont and got some great shots (even though it was cold and WINDY), then we RUSHED back to their condo to catch some window light for naked baby shots:) So much more to tell, but I have to get back to work.

To reiterate my last post, I am BOOKED for holiday shoots! I really hate turning people away, but it is not even possible to open my schedule anymore! Not if I need showers and food! Not to mention my family:) No worries Maternity, Baby and Bday sessions- we can work something out for you. I just may not be able to deliver bf xmas.

Here are the pics----

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How Much Fun Did...

Jack have at Grant Park??? It was a gorgeous day. We started around 11:45, which is not an ideal time to shoot. BUT, it worked beautifully! Jack and his adorable mommy made great models- here are a few of 6 mo old Jackson-
These are just a few random pics- hope you like!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another Adorable 3 Mo Old...

I am loving all these 3 mo old boys! They are just so sweet. This will be a quick post, but Mom and Dad- I had a wonderful time hanging out with you and sitting and watching your darling sleep! This baby is LOVED! What a lucky little boy-

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Same Place, Same Time- Next Year...

Be here-Look at this color at Grant Park! What a cute family they were. Here are a few more bf I get back to work.

It has actually taken me 3 days to get this whole post uploaded. Blogger, I am mad at you and will be looking elsewhere when I get a chance.
Ok- so, some PictureLily NEWS:
I am BOOKED for Holiday and Family Sessions! I cannot believe it. Thank you all so much for the wonderful word of mouth that has brought me some of the greatest clients ever! I am saving space to work in Maternity, Baby and Birthday sessions. I am doing this bc I am up to my eyeballs in editing and shipping times are about to increase. I do not want anyone to stress about rushing in time for the holidays.
With that said, I know I am running about 3 days behind on galleries, but please do your best to get your orders in as soon as possible. As far as payment goes, I ask for at least half at time of ordering. I have added a PAYPAL acct for your convienence to accept credit cards. I am sure we will have a smooth holiday rush!
Another note- our home line is NOT working! Please email me if you need me. I am on the computer 85% of the day...

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Had to Share...

these images from this morning. There was fog and gorgeous sunlight shining. So peaceful- ahh... no kids... ahh.... This is the kind of shot I love to do a canvas of!! Had a wonderful time with all the family this morning. You are a very fun bunch- I enjoyed it!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Oh, Lola...

I am so sorry I forgot to post some of your new pics! Here are a few sweet ones. I love the holding hands shot bc it shows how little you are. It also reminds me how much your little feet like to run! And the moment with mommy.... Enjoy!

Back to the Field...

With a great family! I got some great fam shots and some adorable captures of their fun 3 yr old. Had so much fun, you guys! Hope you like them-

Little Jack...

Little Jack is a friend of our family. He was born on October 17th, a few months early, weighing in at 1lb 4oz and 11 in long. The family is in need of prayers and well wishes. This little guy is just amazing to me. He is so tiny. Check out their journal and if you feel inclined to do so, leave them a message. Here is the peanut-

That is Daddy's ring on his foot and wrist to show how small he is. Jack, boy, I cannot wait for your first photo shoot- I will come running:)

Jack's Journal