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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Out of the "Office"...

I will be returning emails on Monday afternoon. Thanks!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I am FINALLY getting around to posting a pic of the pendants I offer my clients. I lost the image of mine when it was brand new and shiny, so I took a new shot of mine to show you what it looks like. Now, I am not the best product photographer, so it is showing some funky colors in there. It is a black and white image and LOOKS black and white, unlike this photo:) These sterling silver pendants area about an inch or so in diameter and come in a square or a circle for $65. Here ya go-

You can use images from previous sessions.
PS- I added a Blog Follower thingy at the bottom of the page. You can click to follow the blog and I think you get posts emailed to you! I already have one person I do not know- HI!!! So, sign up and make me feel COOL!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Slow on Posting...

I feel like there are so many days between posts! Feb is flying by. So fast, that I am behind and i pray that today is the day to catch up:) I have 2 galleries to crank out today and some "spring cleaning" to do! Ok, LOTS of spring cleaning! A fun week- I get to meet newborn, Sara Beth, and I get to play with 2 of baby planner boys and RUN up to Myrtle Beach to see my cuz, Stephanie, marry the love of her life! Lily is in the wedding, but cannot miss anymore school, so we are running up there on fri and coming back sun!! 6.5 hours in the car with 2 kids with only a day in between trips... hmmm... Oh well, at least we get to see my amazing family and have a "Beckham wedding" we sure know how to throw a party!!- right my cousins????
SO, I had a maternity shoot this wkend with a fun couple that live in my neighborhood. They are expecting their first born, Emily, in April. They put up with wacky me, including laying down outside:) You guys did awesome!! Check them out-
Doesn't she look awesome?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thank Goodness...

for little girls:) I was needing a pink fix! I visited with Baby Gisele yesterday. At all of 6 and half months, this little rascal is about to crawl. I think she is thinking: why crawl now when she can scoot as fast as lightning??!! Little dollbaby...
She has a gorgeous nursery. This shoot we actually had the light in there.
Sweet baby girl!
Today I met Baby Planner, McKenna, for her 9 mo shoot. We had lots of sun at 3:30, but I hate to push babies any later. We knocked out the shoot in 30 min.. McKenna was such a beauty. When she was done- she was done- and so was I! Check her out...
I love the neutral, winter colors.
We have the little daffodils growing at the Gold Mines. Daddy held up a blanket and blocked the sun- HUGE help!
look at these striking eyes!
I took all the batteries out of our FLIP and Scott's point and shoot camera. I have yet to unload them from our quick trip down to Disney. I cannot wait to post some. We went with our best buds- while we were eating dinner they asked us to be Baby Ayden's Godparents! What an honor! I am now realizing I never posted one of his newborn pics that I took 2 mo ago. Here is Ayden...
Off to edit more! It has been a busy February...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We Are Back...

...and busy!! I have 5 sessions to edit on my plate and 3 more this week. We snuck down to Orlando for a few days and did a "peanut butter and jelly" Disney trip! We only did Magic kingdom, but my feet STILL hurt!! We, for sure, have a soft spot for Disney. I have a few pics and a video of our 2 yr old, Morgan's, face as he rode his first rollercoaster- soooo cute! Lily rode Space Mountain for the first time- I am so proud of her bc she was incredible nervous. I saw that they only had single seats and was so worried about her. I sat behind her and held her shoulders the whole time. Guess what??? Space Mtn is now her FAVORITE ride!!! Big girl:) Well, have to post a pic I ran across while editing today. 9 mo old, Luke, being his adorable self.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

On a Short Vacation...

Our family is taking a mini-vacation and I will be back to work on Tues Feb 17th. I will return all phone calls and emails then! Thanks:)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Adventures With Baby Wyatt...

Another precious, tiny newborn! I met with Wyatt and his mommy yesterday for his first photoshoot. Little guy decided to fight sleep, so we rocked, warmed and swaddled. All for... a dirty diaper! Round 2- rock, warm, swaddled... dirty diaper #2! An hour later- SLEEP! Now, raise your hand if you have had a newborn session like this... yep- happens all the time! And I love it! When else do I get to hold a baby?? I do not put a time frame on newborn sessions. How could you? You never know what they have up their little sleeves:) Well, Wyatt did fantastic, leting me move and shape him. He made sweet faces for me and I know mommy will love them!
A little hand-
Wyatt Carter
Look at the cute, lil' tushy!
Wyatt Carter
And the precious face that mom stares at all the time with amazement-
Wyatt Carter
I had such a great time with you guys!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Baby Planner Month...

I have 8 shoots this month for baby planners! I get to see so many of my sweet babies in one month! Here are 2 more-
Harrison- mom was so excited he was sitting, ready for his 6 mo shoot. He is growing up to be such a handsome little guy!!
Harrison C
Harrison C
And 9 mo old, John. What a doll! He met me when he was a little sleepy. I think we perked him up enough:)
Gotta run cook dinner- busy- busy!

My Eyes are Closing...

But I had to post a pic! One of my new, littlest girlfriends!!!
Isn't she the sweetest??!!
Lots of great shoots this past week! i will post tomrrow...

Thursday, February 05, 2009

I Finally Did It...

Ordered new business cards! All my info has changed, so i have had nothing to give out to the cool moms I meet in GAP- LOL! They are not amazing, but I liked the colors and needed something fast.

Now, if I could only catch up on my Blog Header...
Oh, PS- I MIGHT put a pic of my hair on here! Maybe I can blur out my face.... Not short like yours, M! I do not have the natural beauty like you do to pull if off!!!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Another One of My SWEET Boys...

Luke is 9 months! What an adorable baby he is. I have been photographing him since he was born 6 wks premature! As you all know, it was snowing and FRIGID today, so we stayed inside. Luke was a blast:) Here are some of my faves from today...
Thanks guys!!
Ok, quick recap of my day (bc I have to catchup on House bf LOST comes on!!!)
- I had the most AMAZING bread today in Smyrna at The Great Harvest Bread Co. - Guinness and Gouda- YUM!!! Go there!!!
- I bought another knitted GIRL hat from Gap (on clearance) for my newborn sessions ith sweet, baby Jaycie on Fri. It is cream- wish it was color- oh well!
- I decided I was done with the ponytail, so I had my friend, Naomi, cut off my hair and give me bangs. Bangs??? you ask... yes, but they go to the side. I had a terrific haircut from one of my clients a couple of months back and loved it! It grew so fast and I decided it was a sign- back to short!
I think that is all- off to the TV:)
- One more thing- after running SPELLCHECK- it looks like I have been spelling a couple words wrong forever and thinking I am spelling them right- kind of embarrassing! ( is that spelled right>????)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Did I Make You Wait Long Enough...

I know Wyatt's mom has been hitting refresh on my blog for days now! I am just now getting to your peeks- I am sorry!! Wyatt and his fam came over last week and we did some inside and out. He was such a trooper! Such a good baby. I know you are all getting tired of my cute, little chair- but it is such a perfect size for sitting up through 2 yr olds- I LOVE it! Enjoy!!
Oh- PS- I just ordered a 16x20 METALLIC print of Lily! The one of her standing with the purple hat on. I think I will have my friend, Cindy, over at the Villiage Frame Shop in downtown Villa Rica frame it for me! I wanted bigger, but the wall I am putting it on will not hold it once framed. Also, I am going to have a window at The Village Frame Shop next month. i will be using images of local kids. I will keep you updted so you can drop by and check it out!!!