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Saturday, March 29, 2008

I Cannot Think of a Header...

So, I will just get to my ramblings! April is BOOKED! With the exception for any newborns. If you have a baby due or just had one and need an appointment, please contact me asap!! picturelily@bellsouth.net
I look at my calendar and shake my head. I am so blessed to have a job I love and a wonderful family. So, I do feel the need to be honest- my kids that I adore are a handful right now and my hubby is extremely stressed out bc of buying a new business and I- ahhh- am good! A little scatterbrained and tired, but good! Blah- blah...
Looking at May- I HAVE WEEKENDS OPEN- but probably not for long. Those go the quickest. I am slowly starting to raise my travel fee. I have been driving alot more lately and noticing that I am not covering enough for gas and time. I am sure you will understand, as i feel my sitting is very fair for what I do:)
Also, I am starting SPRING CLEANING. If you have a gallery from 2007, it is coming down. Also, anything from January or February of this year. Rachel and i will be getting emails and phone calls out to all. They will still be available for reorders, just let me know. Thanks!
Off to the pics- I know Karah's mommy is dying to see her baby! Well, here she is !! What a terrific little girl. She is a month older that my little boy- funny to see the other sex at the same age.

Tyler's mommy's water broke while out with friends at a mexican restaurant!! She drove herself to the hospital and gave birth to sweet baby Mallory. She was a little over 6 lbs. Adorable !

Loved their dog, Maggie!
Mallory had some little scrapes from her journey out of the womb! I am going to see if mom wants them to be gone or stay. Good luck guys!!

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