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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Busy Weekend...

I had the flu last week and had to cancel 3 appointments. Well, since fri, I have had 5 shoots! 1- newborn, 3- 6monthers and 1- 9 mo. How much fun??!!! We got some great stuff and the weather was AMAZING! Spring fever anyone??
Let's start with Daniel. This beautiful boy decided 3 wks early would be a good time to come. What a lucky little man! He was a darling peanut-
Next up, one of my sweet Baby Planners, Hayes. Hayes has blossomed into one handsome little babe. His two gorgeous sisters were lending us lots of hands. They love their little bro:) Mommy missed out on the last half of shoot (when mean Karen woke him up after a bottle) So these precious faces will be a surprise for her. Can you say GORGEOUS?? And, yes, sisters are just as stunning.
Next up, more 6 mo cuteness! Ethan. I did Ethan's 3 mo pics and was very pleased when I was contacted for the super fun 6 mo shoot! He is such a doll with amazing parents. We shot at Kennesaw- first time there- pretty neat place.Don't you just love the red in the wagon?

Ok, here is someone you will probably recognize- Super Cool, Noah. Noah won my Blog photo contest and mommy was very happy. We needed a neat background to show off the 9 month old WALKER! I decided to throw out an "urban" style session. So, we headed to the good old City of Gold, downtown Villa Rica. Great place- I really recommend it. Well, for a child that will not run from you- since you are mostly on the sidewalk. Here is the precious, blue eyed cutie-

And, now a GIRL! Naveah and her mommy came to the daffodil patch I found. (PS- If you are interested in a mini-session with these daffodils- please email me ASAP) Then we used Lily's pink room to complete her 6 mo photo shoot. I just LOVE her big brown eyes and her sweet little curl on top of her head!
Off to another 6 mo girl tomorrow!! I am having such a great week:)


Anonymous said...

I love them Karen, they are GREAT!!! I can't wait to see the rest of them... Thanks again for taken more pictures... Your the best really...

Tamara and Nevaeh

Anonymous said...

How much longer do I have to wait to see the rest of the pictures Mrs. Karen, your killimg me!!!