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Sunday, March 22, 2009

End of the Week...

Long week! I have a couple of sweet boys to post-
First off, Part 1 of little Andrew's 6 mo shoot. One of my adorable Baby Planners. Stay tuned for Part 2:)
A sweet snuggle with mom and dad. I am a sucker for a thumb in the mouth- no pun intended!

Today, I had Mr. Tyler, who was smiling and clapping the whole time. I have been taking Tyler's pics since he was first born- always a joy!

Then, I went and visited 4 mo old, Austin. Mommy and I are old friends, so it was such a nice visit. Little Austin did so great- his mom agreed that it was worth the wait until he was 4 mo.. In my experience, 3 mo babies are a little harder. There seem to be less smiles and their necks are much more steady. I also love that most 4 mo babes will lay on tummy like Austin did:)

I loved this shot with dad-

Hello!!!! Beautiful family????

i was happy to have great light coming through their bedroom window. It is hard to get family shots indoors bc there is usually not enough light.
I think I will hit the hay early tonight. I stayed up and watched TWILIGHT last night and was out the door at 7:30 this morning. I am a little nervous bc we are headed to SC for spring break to hang with my awesome family next week. I am not taking my work!! I am trying to get caught up bf we leave. Gallery deadlines will be pushed back a little to allow me some quality time with my fam.. I WILL be checking emails and invoicing while away, just nothing that I need Photoshop for!!! I can do it- right???? Ok, don't forget to leave a comment and/or subscribe to my feed at the bottom of the page! Don't be shy- I love to know who is reading. G'night!

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