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Friday, July 25, 2008

Wrapping up the Week...

My BFF, Kelley, and i are taking the kids to the beach bf school starts. We are leaving on Tues for a week. SO- I am trying to get everything wrapped up. I am not sure about internet access while we are there. I am going to try and set up the Out of the Office automated reply for email- have no idea how!
UPdate: I have started contacting my September list for appointments. If this is you- I will be in touch. After I get the list taken care of, I will announce if I have spots availible. I am looking foward to the Fall and trying to take advantage of my "month off" to get ready for the RUSH!!! My galleries are still running 3 wks and about 2 or so once payment is received for Orders. A big Thank You to my wonderful clients that keep me busy:)
Scott and I just celebrated our 8th Anniversary! We decided to do Six Flags without the kids and dinner at Gabe's Downtown. We only rode 3 rollercoasters and it WORE US OUT!!! DO NOT- I REPEAT-DO NOT ride ScreamMachine in the last car! It is EXTREMELY painful!!!! Bumbs. Oh my gosh! I am not even 30 yet and it made me feel old:) We rode Goliath first and that was a blast, just really intense. I actually blacked out on the 3rd hill!! I thought I was staring at the sun, but when I looked for the sun, it was not in my face! Scott has to think I am the biggest wuss. Oh well!
I have one shoot tonight and one Sunday and then Off to the beach!!!

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