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Monday, June 22, 2009

We are Home...

We actually had to come home a little early bc of illness:( Came home to complete chaos, but I have a white knight (well, the knight is a she!) coming tomorrow night to save me!! My cuz, Wendy, is coming to help me put my house and life back together. We are so thankful for Scott's new job, but we cannot seem to catch up with anything. His hours are crazy and since he is not the boss anymore, he cannot come home early or take off, if needed. I am taking alot of the burden bc of that. BUT, he loves the job and we are VERY happy to have it!! So, needless to say, I am running behind - still- on galleries. I am hoping having this extra help will allow me to focus and get everything straight:)
On a positive note:) We had a wonderful trip! The kids had a blast. We had so much fun with the B family! I have lots of pics to share, but I came home to my NEW computer and I still do not have everything set up. Work stuff is on new and internet is hooked up to old- talk about a pain! So funny, I literally walked around the beach with butterflies. Like something was missing, like I was forgetting something. It finally wore off by the last day or so. I have figured it out- I cannot relax! I do not think it makes me a work aholic- I think it is bc my plate is always full and I just pull up my chair to the computer and work on whittling it down. At the beach, I had my computer, but I did minimal work. What a strange feeling. Anyone else like that?
So, I am closing this summer off for new clients:( I know- but it is only fair. I am super busy and I need more time to work. I am booked for July and August is reserved for old clients only (unless you are already on the books) I totally want to thank anyone that has sent me someone. I LOVE that word of mouth is my only advertising. It makes me feel special. So thanks to all my wonderful clients. I will evaluate the situation late summer to see if I can open back up for new clients in the fall. Gotta get back to work- the kids are finally quiet and busy- WHEW!!!

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