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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lots of Pictures...

I am not so sure about this summer thing! Lily out of school= bored= temper tantrums! What am I going to do??? Why don't I paint a sweeter pic of her for you by telling you how CUTE she was at her recital! I was so proud:) Here are a few pics-
And is there anything more funny than a 2 yr old boy(when they are behaving!)? My Morgan was cracking us up this morning. First, he woke up his sister by jumping on her naked! Then he "pottied" (#2) on the floor and stood over it pointed and saying, "EW!!" Yes, do not worry, I got it clean. Then, he dressed himself in Lily's clothes-
Excuse the pop up flash photography and red eye! Kids are a riot.
Here are 2 shots of my BFF, Kelley's girls from TN this past week-
Blue eyes- so pretty!
Off to PictureLily business:
I had 3, yes 3, sessions on Tues. First off, little Hayes 9 mo session. Hayes is the youngest of 3 and just a doll. Little guy did not want to smile, but I prevailed! Check him out-
Then, I drove out to see 3 yr old, Hannah and her new bro, Shaun (I am not sure of his spelling) We had a fun time posing the little guy and watching him sleep. A little difficult to get a pic of the 2 together (like usual!) but I LOVE what we got!
Aren't they adorable??
Next, I headed out to see another Baby Planner, Cami. This sweet baby just blew me away! She is so stinkin cute. Her big eyes and red hair:) And, it was Mommy and Daddy's anniversary! Congrats guys!

I just love these shots of her:)
Off to work. I have storyboards and birth announcements to design and galleries to put together.

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Kelley and Matt Henson said...

LOVE the recital pics! And the ones of Morgan made me laugh out loud!
The pics of the 2 girls on the green bench are the best of all though (he he)!!!