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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Let's All Peek Together, Shall We?

Yes, I have been holding out! I waited to post these all together and I hope all mommies and daddies LOVE them:)
First off, a family with 2 under 2! Little Reagan is a big sister! Baby Brody was about 3 wks old when we did his first photo shoot. Reagan gave me and mom a run for our money- but, hey- isn't that what you are supposed to do when you are around 2 yrs old?? I think it is in the Official Toddler Handbook- when they want your picture- RUN! And NO eye contact! She was precious, just like her bro.
Next was 1 yr old Jackson. I did Jackson's 6 mo pics and was Delighted to see him again! Mom brought a cake and we tried to get him to like it- not so much! Just like he did not like it all over his foot when he stuck it in:) We got some adorable shots!

Yesterday, I headed out to see Averi and her 1 month old bro, Barrett. What adorable siblings. Averi was such a little mommy! She LOVES her brother:) This first shot of the 2 of them would be FANTASTIC as a long rectangle canvas!!! 10x20 or bigger:) LOVE IT!
As most of you know, I am sooo busy! All of my awesome clients having been talking and their friends are calling. Bc I have Baby Planners and clients that have been with me for years, I want to assure that they get in with me. For that reason, I am currently not taking any new clients until further notice. This is a HUGE deal to me bc I keep getting these emails from amazing familes and it truely pains me to say no! I literally teared up writing back to a lady who is moving in a couple weeks and I had to tell her I could not get her in. My clients are very important to me and I need to take care of them! Thanks so much for your understanding. BUT_ PLEASE DO NOT GO AWAY!!! Keep visiting the Blog and keeping up with crazy PictureLily!!! Karen:)

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