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Thursday, December 31, 2009

HAPPY 2010...

I know, I have been a terrible blogger! The holiday workload just had me tied up and running in too many directions. I am in South Carolina re cooping and spending much needed quality time with family (while hubby slaves away at home- sad face) So, we are doing well. I have many prints to receive from the lab and distribute when I get home to have me caught up on orders and then I have 1 newborn gallery and 2 other galleries to finish for the lovely, awesome people that agreed to be patient with me!! (God bless them!!) There has been a price increase for 2010 (please, no sad faces!) I have been working so hard and I am trying to find the happy balance between price, number of sessions and ... my family:) I am limiting sessions this year and being very strict about it, so BOOK AHEAD! You can find the new prices in the welcome packet. I have spaces left for some February babies, so let me know if you are interested. I will be sending a newsletter to all on our New Client list from last year as soon as I get home and settled so we can get you guys in!! Gotta go shower for the get together at my cousins house! I am sure you will see pics on facebook- as the beckhams do not let me get away with anything:) Gotta love them for putting up pics of me shoveling beans from the pot in my mouth at midnight!!! Cannot wait to see you and all your sweet, fast growing little ones in the new year. LOVE_ KAREN:)

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