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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cold- Anyone??

I am OVER this weather!! I am ready to be warm and toasty and chase sweet kids in tank tops around nice grassy fields.... Or, ready to be in Mexico- sitting on the beach with my husband- sipping on a tasty beverage... oh wait! I will be in less than 2 weeks!!! I think the cat is out of the bag by now- My husband is going to be a Firefighter! Crazy:) He will start in March. We are thrilled! The past few years have been pretty hectic, schedule wise. Taco Mac has been a great experience and we both will miss it, but it will be nice to see him more! In between jobs, I booked us a 4 night trip to Cancun. Our 10th anniversary and my 30th Bday is this summer, so why not!!??? When I get back, I have a SUPER busy calendar. Which reminds me- Please contact me ASAP to book a spring shoot. My weekends are pretty much gone already. What a response I have had. I sent out a newsletter to all my Waiting list and booked quite a few from that. Add old clients and more new... BUSY! Thanks so much for your continued support!
Time for some pics---
Here is an old Baby Planner- Dylan. He is one year old now! We totally froze poor Dylan during his shoot. The weather was terrible! I really like the ones we did get though. He is such a happy guy and super cute-
Going to miss you guys!
Here is Baby Reid with big bro, Jack. What a cute pair- don't ya think?
Reid is such a beautiful newborn with a good temperament- I loved holding him:)
This past weekend, I took the kids to TN to visit my BFF and her fam.. We had a good visit and woke up to snow the day we were leaving! Of course, they had to play bf we left. I skipped my kids and went straight to Libby and Lucy. It has been so long since they have seen my camera. Time for some new "Karen" pics for their new house. Here is 4 yr old, Libby in the snow-
And 2 year old Lucy in some yummy window light-
love you girls!!
Well, back to editing! I have a very busy week next week- gotta get ahead...

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