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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Welcome Home...

Morgan and I are home! I thought the wind was going to blow me off the road the whole way. It now occurs to me that the wind ended up being my enemy today. I was on the phone with my sis, who lives behind us, and she was looking out her house and saw smoke. We both walked outside and she started shouting that my neighbors yard was on fire. This is the neighbor on the other side of my house. She cut me off and called 911 as I ran to the side of my yard and there was fire halfway to my yard. By the time my bro in law Brad and I ran over to make sure they knew, the fire was in my yard. It is almost humorous now to think how we acted. I have not ran that hard in all my life! Laura got my children and pets safe to her house while Brad and I dragged hoses and frantically hooked them up, only to find that ALL of the houses had shut off their outdoor water. I tore through their home andf found the valve, then barged in their neighbor's home to get the husband. It felt like lightyears bf the fire dept came. By the time they got there, the neighbors siding was melted all the way up and the fire was starting on my house. We are all ok. The neighbors were using the grill and something went wrong (still do not know) I think they thought they could control it, but the wind was too much. I feel bad for them bc they kept apoligizing. It was an accident and we are all very lucky! Thank you to the neighbors who helped us and those who checked on us! And of course, the 3 firetrucks, 1 cop, 1 ambulance and the fire chief of Villa Rica! Our neighbor, Michael, truely saved our house from further damage bf the firemen arrived. Thank you! Here are some pics. It makes it worse to think that the wind only needed one more minute to put both of our homes in big flames.

Under (left)-neighbors's house
(right) front view of our houses- ours is on rt

Where it melted our siding- thank goodness our grass is patchy, bc it would have spread quicker.
And then, here is the back view. It started in their backyard. At the top of the hill is woods. If it had gone further...
Well, what I can say positive is that in the spring- our grass will be kicking ass!!!! Nice and green:)


Snapshot said...

WOW! Close call. The southern drought is really taking it's toll and making simple tasks very risky. Glad you are all ok.

The Beckhams said...

Wow, Karen! I'm glad everyone is okay and it didn't do any more damage!

Natalie Kimball said...

Wow, everyone is so very lucky it wasn't any worse. Glad that everyone is OK!