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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Great Session...

Dodging the elements, we got it together! I got to photograph one of my fave client of mine's best friend's daughter, McKenna. She is 1! We met at this crazy, but beautiful place called Serenbee. It was right over the Douglas County Line in Fulton ( I think) Anyways, it is a planned community with something like 80% greenspace. It is REALLY cool. Kinda like the Truman Show. Anyways, we stayed on this neat walkway in the middle of tons of green and some wildflowers. We had a great time. Mom and Dad were prepared with some cool props from home and some adorable outfits. But of course, we had to do some naked. In which she flooded her new wagon, but that is another story! We tried to include baby Coleman, but he was a little cranky- we will visit him at his house where he can be more comfortable. But, I will share one pic shwing how happy he was!!! I am so excited to be growing my business! I am very fortunate to have such wonderful clients and of course supportive husband, family and friends. I LOVE what I do and cannot believe where photography has taken me so far- and of course, where I will go! Make sure you vote to tell me who you are. Enjoy pics, moms...

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Goodman Family said...

I love them!!! The black and white shot in the tutu is my favorite! Everytime I look at the one of Coleman in the bucket I crack up laughing! He is too cute! The pictures look serene but man it was a zoo!!! Thanks Karen! I am so excited and I can't wait to see more!!