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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Peeking in to Say Hello...

I am about to go to bed, but I wanted to let everyone know a few things. I will be gone the majority of the day tomorrow traveling to a newborn shoot (to see sweet baby Cash!) and will be working at night to get prepared for my trip. I will be gone Thurs- Sun. If you need anything- feel free to call and leave me a message. I am going to try and check email, but I am not sure who will have a laptop and If we have a signal. If you have your gallery and are wanting to do Holiday cards- PLEASE send me your ideas asap. This will help with the "flood!" Desi comes once a week to help me out and these are something we can tackle in that time. I have a new product announcement when I get back (or if I can get a pic of it tomorrow) SO excited!!! A GREAT idea for grandparents. My mom went NUTS over it! Simple, but perfect. I think that is all... hmmm... Oh- still running a little over 3 wks on galleries. I have had so many family shoots and those take much longer to edit. Crazy time of year! Speaking of families- we finally got our fam pic made. I set it up and my sis took the shots. She did great! I am very excited bc we already have a big one on the mantle. It is a little HUGE, but I think we will like it:) Off to bed!!

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