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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Random Stuff...

Hello- I have many new visitors and I would like to welcome you!! This blog consists of little peeks from each shoot that I cannot WAIT to share and some quirky things from me! We have learned (or will learn) in the previous post that my BFF, Kelley, has given birth to her second and last girl, Lucy. I will post some of Lucy's "hospital newborn shoot" soon. As for now, here are a few pics of the canvas (THAT I LOVE!) that I received this weekend. I have never been a formal person. When you think of canvas, you think formal. NO, NO- canvas can be formal and/or eclectic!!! Just check out these 2 images:

Also, I pulled this off of a fellow photographer's blog (which I do not think she will mind bc she is the owner of my AMAZING frame company!) I just think is a great gallery. This is an 11x14 as the big one and the others are 8x10's. I think it is great for a Baby Planner and add some of the Maternity pics to it.

Thank you Lisa...
These are probably going to be framed in a white, distressed, handmade Saratoga Frame Co. Stable Frame. So cool!!! Be sure to check out their little site to see the full selections. Look on the left side of this Blog under Friends and Links. I have lots of sessions coming up, so stay tuned. Remember to book your Christmas Pictures- I have opened up my calendar. If you have older children- consider booking early to leave the later dates for the itty bitty babies that change week to week (just a thought!)

And those coming to us from the ad in Atlanta Baby from Babies R Us ( and anybody else), PictureLily has a great BABY PLAN. If you are having a baby bf Jan. 1st 2008, the Baby Plan is $150 upfront. That is $10 off each sitting. Newborn, 3 mo, 6 mo, 9 mo and 1 year. In addition to that, you will receive 15% off your purchases! Email for more details: picturelily@bellsouth.net

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