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Monday, September 29, 2008

How About This Crazy World...

Wow! I just have to start off saying that times are hard. Things are just really strange. For those of you who are out of state (or country- ie: Bali/Indonesia) Ga is having this crazy gas crisis bc we have additives that help with pollution and we cannot get gas. That is the gist of it- don't know details. Anyways, you have to search for gas and when you find it, it is very expensive and you have to risk running out while you wait in lines. We are not too bad in Villa Rica/Carrollton. But, Atlanta area is awful! In addition to this, money is just so tight and people are a little freaked to spend. Good time for 2 self employed people:)
Anyways, off to some happy rambling. My son, Morgan (2.5), has been on and off with being sick for like 6 wks now. He is very attached to his blanket and me and does not want to go to school. I am so ready to back in routine. On the other hand, it has been so nice to have him pay me so much attention! Lily is doing wonderful in school- she has fantastic teachers and one told me yesterday that the other teachers in the hall all say hi to her and say how much they love her! Too funny! If only they knew the h..e..l..l.. she can bring on at home:) It is like that for all kids, right???
Anyways, I have to brag, once again, that I have THE CUTEST clients ever! Here is a peek from the shoot I had with 3 yr old twins, Maddie and Grace. I really love working with 3 yr olds bc when they are not doing the "3 yr old CHEESE" they are showing their personalities. Most parents see that a misbehaving- I see great stuff through the lens! Check out these dollbabies-
Click on them to see bigger.
A quick note about Holiday Cards- I am adding new ones slowly, but surely! These cards are fantastic! Ask anyone who has had me do their cards or announcements. No photo paper here- postcard like stock with a linen finish. LOVE them! To see what I have so far- look on the right side of Blog for card examples. Have a great day!

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