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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Baby Week...

This is the week for my babies! On Tues, I visited the sweet baby Finley. What a dollbaby! He behaved so well- no cries in sight. Finley is the youngest of 4 in his amazing family. I am going back on Sat to capture the rest of the fam with their new addition!
Then, today, I needed my baby fix. Shhh... don't tell the twins' mom bc I called her and told her I needed more shots of them:) Hehe! So, I drove out to *love on them*, I mean take pics of them! Here is what we came up with- we are a great team! And, they are baby planners, so I will have lots more time with "the girls."

And here is a "lovely" shot of me with Grace and Rebecca that their sweet mommy took. It is out of focus, but hey- that smooths the skin! If only it would smooth those huge lines I have under my eyes- I think I can pinch pennies in there!!!
I have one more baby this week! Another boy. Stay tuned...

PS- did you see Morgan kicking Lily on my new Blog banner? I guess I better post some of those pics. Post not over----
I took them out by myself last night and well, let's just say, the patience I have with your children does not exist when I am mom and photographer. I was threatening, bribing- all of it! I got some great shots, just not what I went out there for. Oh well- have to settle for these CUTE ones-


Keisha said...

Do you have any idea how absolutely precious your children are????? I LOVE the banner pic. Email that one to me too!

Kelley and Matt Henson said...

SOOOO cute! I love the one of Lily and the tree! Miss you so much!

madipayt said...

I love the pics of Liberty and Finley. I want to move to Ga from La just to be able to have you do my family pictures! (i'm one lib's best friends)
You are amazing with a camera!

~phoenix~ said...

Karen, the twins' pics are just too adorable! I think I should stop visiting your website because I've been postponing our family photo session because I keep dreaming of finding someone like you. No luck so far :(. -phoenix