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Monday, October 20, 2008

Will Somebody PLEASE...

tell my children that they HAVE to go to bed at night, so they might as well stop fighting it! Man, I started bedtime at 7:30 and it is 9:13 and Morgan is finally in bed and quiet. After putting him back in the bed over 10 times, I am worn out. Poor guy is congested and overtired. Life of a 2 yr old, snot and fighting parents:) Anyways, I have had to cancel one shoot and potentially one tomorrow bc of Morgan being sick. We were to start a new babysitter today and had to call in sick. He has had no fever, but I want to be careful of how he feels and if he is still contagious. We shall see... On that note- a side note- I am obviously a mom and understand when your child is sick. My clients have been amazing when I have to reschedule. I try my best to make other arrangements, but it hard to pawn off a sick child on just anybody:) So, thank you to my sweet (awesome!) clients for not making me feel more terrible than I already do. And thanks SO MUCH to my sister, mom in law and sis on law and friends for taking care of my kids this weekend! How about some pics??? I am finally using the method that I have found to make these images BIGGER! I know you will appreciate it. So, here is the new and improved PictureLily Blog!!!
First up, some good friends of ours and their fam. Here is "just turned 2" Lola playing in the creek.3 yr old,backlit
And add in her aunt, Lainy. (Yes, that is right- aunt- isn't that cool?!!) They are soo cute together!multilple kids
3 yr old,backlit
We did some terrific fam shots, but I would hate to spoil the surprise for those getting a Christmas card! I will sneak those to the family via email.
Next up, Charlie! What a sweet, laid back child. He did not even have a lip quiver- no fussing in sight. I did get quite a few smiles, but these touched me-6 mo6 mo
Some friends of Charlie's mommies met up with us and became my fabulous assistants- thanks guys!! Remember, if you ever need a job that pays nothing but pure joy- give me a call!
The next morning, I met with Carter. What a sweetie pie! big chocolate eyes to die for. He has this great serious side, but he decided to showed a little gums for us:) Don't you just love the hat?Photobucket6 mo
Ok, WOW! This post is not only long, but the pics are so much bigger, it takes up a whole page!
Yes, I had all boys this weekend and they were all AMAZING! My Baby Planner, Tyler, was no exception. we met up for a Stone Mtn shoot. Daddy had scoped out a few places and we had fun walking around. We used an old suitcase that was from mom's family somehow. Cool prop:)
Check out this storyboard. I LOVE Tyler's blue eyes, but this is just classic-6 mo,backlit,Storyboard
Just a little extra- a smile:) 6 mo
Now, if you would excuse me from this long post- I have got to edit and place an order- good night...
Yikes! I have been wanting to share this sweet pic and keep forgetting- I just love babies and mommies:)
I leave you with this-Photobucket

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