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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Feel the Holidays...

I think it has set in! I have Christmas cards to work on and back to back shoots- IT'S THE HOLIDAY SEASON. Don't you say "whoop te doo!" bc we have deadlines, People! The workflow must keep moving:) Morgan is off to the new sitter tomorrow (yea!), I have a 9:00 shoot, have to pick up my mom from the airport (WAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and I am helping a friend by picking up her 2 after school. Busy day! Do not be afraid to contact me if you need something, though.
Ok, quick pics- I have a 3 and 5 yr old shoot to share. These 2 siblings were lots of fun. I really enjoyed them. Ethan was a terrific, active 3 yr old boy and Belle was a sweet 5 yr old girl who totally gave me some "cheeses" and then burst into giggles- love it! I worked hard to warm her up, but the best smiles we got was when mommy was poking me with a stick! Kids love it when parents abuse me. Now, we only whip this trick out when needed, not at first shot:) Without further ado-multilple kids
5 yr old
3 yr old
Now the sibling shot is not posed and perfect- we did try, but I do say that I am definitely not Olan Mills:) Love brothers expression. He knew his sis did not want him touching her!!!
I will have more to share tomorrow, including some shots of a "painting session!"

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Bella*Grace*Boutique said...


It was so great meeting you! I can not wait to see the other photos. The sneak peeks are great.