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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Boy...

I met with Andrew (one of my sweet baby planners) for round 2 of his 3 mo shoot. We decided that he was not in the most favorable mood last shoot and I am glad we did!! We had a HAPPY BOY this time. Poor little guy- I had to kill the mood by putting him down on the hardwoods ( a fave shot of mine) and he decided to do the "fast roll" and bonked his little head. :( He was so active! I am imagining his 9 mo shoot.... Note to self: better eat a good breakfast that day! Anyways, thanks, C, for having me back over.

After I came home and got my camera unloaded, I headed out to my friend, Brandi's house. We did not do any mom/baby shots last time and wanted to grab a few. How beautiful this turned out-
I wrapped a black fleece blanket around them. Brock was getting sleepy on us- he was not so happy about being so wrapped up so tight to mommy without a snack!!
I am headed off to a newborn shoot today! The sky is blue and I am excited! Winter is so iffy- even if it is not raining, it can be so dreary. That is not good for me, considering I need good bright light for indoor shooting. So, I get all happy when I see blue skies:)
On a personal note- I think Morgan is potty trained! I had such a hard time with Lily I had decided he could set his own pace. Well, it worked! last week was poopie HE double hockey sticks, though! If he was not naked, he would go in his underwear Or a little bowl! Oh yes, my boy has talent! I found a LITTLE bowl in his room with a surprise in it. Along with some skids on the carpet from where he sat down to play with his toys- Too much info???? Sorry!! I have discovered that a watered down bleach solution has been a miracle on our berber carpet. if I can give any advice on potty training- I PROMISE- they will NOT do it until they are ready! No matter how much they know or understand... Off to get ready for baby Dylan!!!

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