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Friday, January 02, 2009

Will be Back to Work...

On Monday Jan 5th! What a terrific vacation it has been! We have company in ALL weekend, so Monday is the day. Not that I have not worked this whole time- always pics to edit and business to take care of. Anybody that is expecting prints- I am placing the order on Monday and will be mailing out as they come. I have been working on galleries in my spare time this holiday. I know they are anxiously being waited on! Thank you for understanding that I had to get all holiday orders done and now have taken this time off to be with my family and not running back and forth to the computer the whole time!!!
I hope your family was as blessed as ours this holiday. We were able to see many friends and family members and spend precious time with our children. Scott was in a terrible car wreck on Christmas Eve. Somebody pulled out in front of him, leaving him no time to even tap the breaks. He hit them and then was sent over a hill and into the woods where he did not stop until he hit a tree. Our car is totaled, but he is still with us! We are looking forward to a fresh start this year! Karen:)

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The Beckhams said...

Oh my goodness, Karen! I had no idea! Everything can be fixed and you're right, the important thing is that Scott is okay!