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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Something CUTE....

I know there are so many of you waiting on peeks and anxiously awaiting galleries! I am in my office, window open, music blaring and caffeine pumping through my veins!! last night, Scott and I went to a get together with his recruit class (Paulding county fire) and had such a great time. These guys are so close- I had no idea. They have spent 3 months training together and have built such a bond. It will be bittersweet to have them get their station assignments and be split up. If you live in Paulding- these guys will be taking great care of you!! Congrats!!
The kids are literally BEGGING to go to the pool every 5 minutes! It opened yesterday and I am desperately trying to figure out where I can get the dough to buy a laptop bc I have a feeling these children will not let me work this summer knowing that the pool is calling their names! Scott is about to take them and I will join when I need a break- won;t see me doing anything other than dipping my toes in. Way too cold!!
I have had many babies born this spring and tons of sweet, adorable children to photograph. How awesome is my job???!! My goals this summer is to take less shoots a week, get a new blog that will function a little more like a website, spiff up my marketing design, and revamp my packaging. That is something on my mind all the time. I res use alot to stuff that the lab ships to me with. I am really trying my best to reuse and recycle. I am sure in the grand scheme of things, I am a wasteful person, but BABY STEPS is my philosophy. I am so excited for the day I hand you a beautiful package of pics that is low cost and Green:)
So, in the creative side of my brain, I am trying to think of some cute, easy products for you. I am in a spring frame of mind and color is calling me:) I put this Storyboard together for a client-
Isn't it precious? How cute would it be with a white frame? Totally thinking of changing the color and making one of my kids...

Also, here is another image from my maternity shoot. I cannot wait to meet their little guy!!
These 2 are such the models:)

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