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Monday, May 31, 2010

Those Sweet Baby Girls...

I am taking a short break from working on this lovely Memorial Day. Scott has started his first shift at the station today! Then he will off for 2 days before heading back to work. Seriously- how great is that??! What an awesome weekend we have had! Our bestest friends all came to visit us! My bff and her fam came and our friends Troy and Nikki and their kids came- including our sweet godson! Always have to brag on that bc he is just the cutest!! So, we had great friends, a little pool time and a party at some other awesome friends' home with their whole fam. We celebrated Scott joining the brotherhood of the fire dept with an amazing homemade cake complete with the fire logo and lots of great company! We LOVE our hospitable, southern friends that are staright off of Long Island! We call them the most southern catholic northeners ever! Love you Bravys!!!
I am still behind on everything. I was getting up early and trying to work with my cup of coffee bf one of the 6 kids in the house woke. The best of intentions, right?? Anyways, I did get some done, but today is the day. It is sooo strange having the kids home ALL the time. I am very excited to be getting my new laptop on June 4th. I will be working at the pool- outside and maybe even the park. I went ahead and bit the bullet. What I need on a laptop is pretty darn expensive- kinda freaking out. You do what you have to do- right???
SOOO- here is that beautiful, sweet baby girl. We had such a fun shoot. I did the majority outside. It was pretty windy, but she did so well. Here are a few. I have to get back to editing...
LOVE the lips!
Mom looks amazing and big sister is doing great!
Of course, I have more shoots to share soon- keep checking back!

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