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Monday, August 31, 2009

Where Does the Time Go...

I am waiting for a gallery to load and thought I would put my thoughts on "paper!" I have been running my little bum off since 8:00 this morning after staying up until 2:00 am working! Does anyone have any tips for me??? Secrets?? I would say I need more hours in the day, but no- please! I am tired enough already!! My kids seem to have extra energy now that school is back in. I found Morgan in Lily's room last night (at 10:00-ish) blowing bubbles into the fish tank with a crazy straw! With his sister passed out literally right beside him!! I mean, I thought he was in bed!!! Crazy nut:) I am very excited bc my friend, Alisha, has introduced me to Madmimi.com a email generated newsletter site. i get to make my own templates, add images, etc.. I am super excited bc I always feel like people are getting left out of the loop bc they are not cool enough to read the blog consistently (like YOU!)) LOL! hope that does not offend anyone. Anyways, I will also be using it as my "Friendly Reminder" for late orders or payments. Just seems a little nicer than an email- don't ya think? So, I am hoping tomorrow is the day I get that set up. Also, I am saving up for a shopping cart!! Did I hear clapping??? Yes, I know, our system is a bit of a pain. But, PictureLily is helping to support the Pillow Family and the Pillow family is pretty darn tight:) So, big orders are welcome and will certainly go towards the "shopping cart fund." My gallery is done loading, so I will leave you with a REMINDER:
Tomorrow is Sep 1st- the deadline for some of your orders:) A 15% late charge will be added to your order if you are past this date. It is super important that I stay current with ordering bc Fall mean BUSY and DEADLINES- AKA the Holidays. Lab gets swamped, you get swamped, I get swamped- you get the picture. If your deadline is not Sep 1st, please keep an eye on your 3 wk mark. Many thanks!!!!

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