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Friday, April 17, 2009

Long Winded...

I had a great shooting week. I cannot believe I have not posted since Sunday. Lots to share! Thanks to all my patient clients for waiting for their little peeks! I started my week off with my little twins, Grace and Rebecca. The girls are almost 8 months old~ sitting and being just as cute as can be. I have pics of them in their sweet pink and brown dresses, but forgot to prep one (mom, I will email you one sep.) So, here they are in all their glory!

And at the end, the fingers came straight to their mouths. Hmm... I guess we wore them out. They both fell asleep on mom as we were taking snuggling pics- so sweet!

Next, I met up with another Baby Planner, 9 mo old, Harrison. Little guy was decked out in his spring best. Too bad spring was not decked out for us- it was windy and chilly. We ended up in the Smyrna library (where we were politely kicked into the kiddie area!) and got a few.

Such a sweet face!

Next, I met Jack at Grant Park. What a fun little guy! He was so funny. He would just let his legs do the thinking and just walk. You can totally tell he had plans or ideas of where to (he did know that he was walking in the opposite direction of me!) So, we pulled out the big guns- Morgan's tricycle! He loved it! Climbed on and off and on and off.

So handsome! I LOVED his little outfit- I need those pants for Morgan:)

This morning, I got to meet little Quinn. We met a one of the pretty parts of our Ol' Chattahoochee. There was all these tiny, yellow flowers growing all over- we were so excited! I had a really great time with Quinn and her cool parents-

I have a busy weekend, so lots to post either Sunday night or Monday. I do have a few little Pillow Household things to share:
1. Scott is EMPLOYED!!! We have finally found a great job that he will totally love! He will be one of the GMs for Taco Mac in Douglasville. We are very excited!
2. I miss my best friend, who is in TN. I am hoping to run up there for a night or 2 next month. (just had to announce that!)
3. Morgan is calming down on his naked phase (ALWAYS naked!) He was dressed for the majority of the time we had our new friend and alarm guy over for a long time and next thing we know- Morgan is STREAKING! Good thing I warned the poor guy! So, his co-worker shows up and Morgan pulls out of the dining room on his tricycle- you guessed it- naked. Yikes! (and for those you that are now thinking, "Isn't that the tricycle you bring to shoots?" Yes, it is and no worries- I use my trusty bleach and water solution to clean the seat:))
4. The kids have been obsessed with worms and caterpillars. They are all over our porch bc they find 10 and put them in a shallow box with grass and no top. I am so afraid of what is to happen when i have to explain, "You stepped on the caterpillar and now he is dead- so sorry!"
5. I am now having to worry about babysitters and extra childcare now that I will no longer have my "mister mom!" He will be having to work some weekend days, so I am going to have to figure out what I am going to do about weekends- PAIN in the tushy:(
Off to work on my little newborn's gallery- g'night!

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