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Monday, April 27, 2009

My Cousins...

I love my family. I really enjoy being with them. That is why I hiked it up to Columbia to see and do pictures for 4 sets of cousins this past weekend. I was lucky enough to have a WONDERFUL handful of people help me out with the kids bc Scott was working and I figured that I could move from house to house with ease. It was great! First, I took pics of my little cousins, Nora and Quinn. Their "Mop and Pop" have the most wonderful antiques that I sifted through to use as props- inspired me to hit more antique stores:) I just LOVE what we got-

I am so proud of you guys! Such terrific kids!!!
Next, I ran to my Aunt Jane and Uncle Jeff's "farm." I am pretty darn sure it is a farm- they have a dog, cats, chickens and loads of horses. My little cousins (and my aunt and uncle) have settled into the life as horse people. It is so neat to see the transition they have made as riders and their horsemanship skills. Here is Hailey with her Lady-

And, Anya with Topper (who by the way makes UGLY faces- can you tell? I had NO idea! Photographing horses is seriously HARD!!)

And, fun little, Devin. We got some pics of him by himself

Now, one of their horses just has a baby, Jester. I absolutely love this image. I love my Uncle Jeff- he has such a soft, quiet side. So loving- I can really see him in this shot-

We ate dinner (YUMMY steaks from THE BUTCHER BLOCK in Chapin ) and had some wine and enjoyed the crazy kids running around. Well, I enjoyed it bc mine were at home snug in their beds!
Next day, I visited my cuz, Shannon. She is about to give birth to their second son really soon. I had such a great time hanging out with them. Shannon is such an amazing person and mom. She looks so beautiful and I just love the pictures we got-

Then my other cuz, Amanda, came with her fam! Her little ones were looking so cute! They are such beautiful kids and fun personalities-
Oh, and amazing eyes:)
Miles and Morgan-

It was sooooo great seeing all my family! I love you all!!!

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The Beckhams said...

Oh girl! The pics were soooo great! I can't wait until little Emma gets here and you make another round for baby shots. I want in on that one for sure! You do fabulous work!